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2019: Is Intensive Outpatient Right For You?

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Disease circles the globe. Starvation, famine, and poverty follow closely behind. Then there’s alcoholism. Not just alcoholism but the disease itself of alcoholic thinking(and no, none of these “problems” are in any particular order). Alcoholic thinking is unlike the rest though. This type of thinking is like an alter ego that lives within many. It has its own voice, making demands as it sees fit to feed its bottomless tummy of obsession. The powerlessness of addiction usually starts off so innocently, but before long can no longer be ignored. Kind of like the character “No-face” from spirited away. This blameless thing shows up, seemingly fun. Yet before you know, it’s devouring everything in sight. Addiction is one in the same. The faceless monster just keeps growing out of control.

Before you know it, we find ourselves powerless to the substances as all the pieces of our lives begin to wither away. Sadly many don’t make it out alive of this life stripping disease. Often times the grips of this thing stops them in their tracks before they can turn it around. It’s truly such an unfortunate thing. However, there are some that find themselves lucky enough to receive help from such obsessive thinking. These are the people that make it into a treatment center, halfway house, or intensive outpatient program of some sort. Although not a requirement of sobriety, these are people whose lucky stars were blessed when they didn’t even know it. Yet whatever the weather, these are the people that are given another chance. They were given another chance to live when addiction wanted nothing more than to take that way.


Intensive Outpatient Isn’t Wrong For You

Yes, of those options, intensive outpatient programs are going to be one of the saving grace to this nation as more preventative measures are put into play. It’s not a matter of if, but just a matter of when. An intensive outpatient program is much more cost effective than your traditional inpatient rehab facility. Addiction studies show that the chances of relapse lessen with 30 days or more of addiction therapeutic services. Different types of therapies are wonderful, sure, but there must be consistency to ingrain it in an addict’s head. Those with alcoholic thinking are some of the most stubborn learners to walk this land.

Some addicts end up being “white chip wonders” and get sober on their first attempt by simply going to a meeting. Others however have to burn their hands repeatedly before they learn. They have to burn blisters onto their blisters as they then try to scratch their head with their blistered thinking, trying to understand why they can’t touch this thing they desire. Again, that’s addiction for you though.

Some require that extra little push to keep the ball rolling after they’ve been to treatment. Some will require it because treatment isn’t a viable option- but this is. Either way, intensive outpatient programs can do much good for anybody willing to give it a shot. Alcoholic thinking will convince us it’s not a necessity, but that’s the irrationality of it speaking. If we can truly look at Step 1 of AA and decide its for us, chances are that an intensive outpatient program is too.  


The Concentrated Help You’ve Been Searching For

Intensive outpatient programs are a little stricter of a treatment program than your typical outpatient, but treating addiction is an area you can’t afford to cheat yourself in. The saying, “go big or go home” definitely applies here. Addiction applies the idea of “go big, or go die”. That is the brutal reality of the poisoning disease that is alcoholic thinking; it requires us to always be a step ahead.

Being that step ahead in an intensive outpatient can help to teach tools like:

  • Relapse Prevention Techniques
  • How to Create a Sober Community
  • A Developed Understanding of Substance Abuse
  • General Life Skills
  • Forms of Accountability

With a list like that, it makes sense that this form of therapy is often suggested. On top of that, but it allows a segway to treatment services for those with commitments that can’t be ignored because addiction beckons. Usually this is because of a family that needs support or a career that can’t be put on pause necessarily. A quality intensive outpatient program allows us to find that happy middle ground where all needs can be met as the voice of alcoholic thinking is muted.


Possible New Year’s Resolution

Most intensive outpatient programs will focus on working with peers as well as a therapist in individualized and/or group therapy sessions. It is here that being surrounded by like minded people in a therapeutic setting that the healing can begin. Chemical dependency is fortunately becoming more of a focus in the medical industry as the disease continues to lead an opioid epidemic and wind itself in the tabloids on a daily basis. If there’s any doubt in yourself whatsoever as far as alcoholic thinking is concerned, give yourself a more meaningful new year’s resolution that will pay itself forward in years to come. Some alcoholics blissfully don’t know that this may have been their last New Years. That’s the reality of alcoholic thinking. The time for prevention is now, and the time for help is nye.

Everyday, more addiction treatment services are being rendered while preventative measures are being manifested. The United States specifically is in need of more addiction treatment services desperately. A bit of good like some of these services could save thousands of individuals suffering from the powerlessness of this disease. Of those services that are saving thousands of lives, intensive outpatient programs will be at the forefront. One thing is for certain though, it’ll be better to take advantage of these services than addiction taking care of you.  

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