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4 Reasons to Go to Rehab

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The first step in fighting addiction is acceptance – you must admit that you have a problem and need help. The next step is to seek treatment, despite your fear of being judged, overwhelmed, and frightened.

It’s not easy, but participating in a rehab program, for many people, has been the only way they’ve been able to regain their lives. The following are four reasons why rehab may be the best option for you…

While undergoing addiction treatment is exceptionally challenging, going to rehab is your best chance at reclaiming your life. Below are five (of many) great reasons why should go to rehab.

Improve Your Financial Situation

A well-known side effect of addiction is financial insecurity. This often occurs for several reasons, the main ones being (1) the cost of drugs and/alcohol, (2) legal issues/fines/bills that may accrue, (3) income lost due to missed work, and (4) if children are involved, there may be legal fees and/or child support if the relationship is near its breaking point.

All of these factors can leave you with a tremendous amount of debt, unpaid medical bills, bankruptcy, and homelessness. Rehab prevents patients from spending money on substances, encourages accountability, and sets them up to return to society in a state of mind that promotes responsibility and a “let’s put the pieces back together” mentality.

Patch Up Relationships/Rebuild Support System

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Substance abuse is infamous for destroying relationships and stirring up conflict between family members and friends. Addiction has a tendency to change your personality, and usually not for the better.

People in the throes of this condition may be excessively angry, isolating, or even exhibit traits of sociopathy. They often have to lie and sneak around to obtain their drug of choice, and may become involved in crimes such as theft and drug dealing.

Due to these effects, many people lose loved ones, either because they have pushed them away or because those people cannot take dealing with the fallout of the addiction any longer. Seeking help and going to rehab sends a strong signal to others that you want to change, and once you get some time into sobriety you will likely become less isolating and more social.

Finally, most rehabs allow visitations, and many offer family counseling to help members learn and understand both the perspective of the person in recovery and that of the loved one involved. Perhaps not all, but many relationships can be repaired over time and in some cases, become stronger as a result.

Due to broken relationships, it may be challenging at first to build a support system around your recovery. In fact, many of your close friends are likely drinkers or drug users themselves. Participating in rehab allows patients to remove themselves from toxic people and environments that promote substance abuse and could lead to relapse.

While you are in the process of mending relationships with family and friends, you encounter peers and form new friends that can be incredibly supportive and useful during treatment and recovery. Also, support groups such as 12-step programs and aftercare coordinators can step in during early recovery when the healing process is still underway.

Identify the Reasons Why You Abuse Substances

Going through rehab means you will learn precisely why you are an addict or alcoholic, including all the factors that contributed to making you who you became.

The etiology of substance abuse includes the science of chemical dependence, biological propensities, environmental factors, and the existence of mental illness or past trauma.

In any case, addiction exists primarily as a reaction to stressful feelings, thoughts, and memories as an attempt to self-medicate. Individual and group therapy can help you identify the roots of your addiction as well as help you manage it.

Conclusion – Rehab vs. Other Methods

Research has shown that people who undergo comprehensive, customized addiction treatment, such as in rehab, enjoy better long-term results and outcomes than those who subsist on only support groups or DIY methods. This effect occurs because addiction is a multi-faceted condition, and is best treated using a variety of evidence-based practices and approaching it from all angles.

Effective treatment for substance abuse usually includes a combination of any of the following techniques:

  • Individual therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectic therapy
  • Group therapy, which is often included in process groups during rehab
  • Counseling, to help manage a return to home life, career, and family
  • Family therapy to engage loved ones in the patient’s recovery and begin the healing process
  • Holistic practices such as art, music, and gardening therapy, mindfulness, and meditation
  • Exercise and nutrition education
  • General education on drug and alcohol abuse/addiction

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