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Will Aetna Insurance Cover My Drug Rehab?

There’s a good chance that it will. Whether it’s covered partially or completely depends on many circumstances, however.

This is probably a difficult time for you. Realizing that you have a drug or alcohol dependency and that you need to seek treatment can seem like a living nightmare. Before you can seek rehab treatment, you must first admit that you have an issue… a persistent problem that is not only taking over your life, but also affecting the loved ones around you.

Something even scarier than admitting that you should seek treatment is worrying that you do not have the money to afford the treatment you need. Aetna strives to support you in your times of need by providing you with the healthcare coverage needed to seek treatment, relieve your worries and rebuild your life.

Aetna’s Mission

Aetna has been in existence since 1853, and has been serving customers with the best care possible throughout those 160 years. The overall mission of Aetna is not only to provide quality care, but also innovative care practices for employers, producers and professionals in the healthcare industry.

Facts You Should Know

  • Aetna reported an 18% growth in membership rate after the Medicare Advantage Plan that was introduced in 2014.
  • Aetna has more than 46 million clients
  • Out of Aetna’s clientele base, approximately 40% are government businesses

Aetna Insurance for Drug Rehab

Professional rehab at a quality rehab facility may seem like an unaffordable option, but with Aetna insurance, it truly is an affordable plan of action. Your Aetna agent can explain to you all of your coverage details.

Aetna, along with the professionals at a reputable rehab center, can help point you in the direction of which treatment program is right for you and your financial situation. After the program is decided, your recovery plan can be set in place.

Do What It Takes To Make Your Health a Priority

Your health should never fall to the back burner. Aetna Insurance helps ensure that you can enter a professional drug rehab program. Professional programs are the best course of action to get your health back on track because a safe, drug-free environment and consistency are necessary to regain your life and live sober again.

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