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Are There Any Alcohol Rehab Centers in PA That Will Allow Me To Return Back To School Quickly?

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An addiction to alcohol can happen to anyone at anytime. In fact, many people turn to alcohol in an effort to manage stress that comes from work or school responsibilities. Unfortunately, this type of behavior pattern often leads to you needing more and more alcohol to achieve the same relaxing effects, and it is possible that what was once an occasional indulgence has become problem drinking.

Students often develop an addiction to alcohol during their college years when it seems as though alcoholic beverages are at every occasion. At some point, you may have even had people tell you that it is normal to drink throughout your college years, but you know that your drinking patterns have passed the threshold of normalcy and started to affect your life.

With so much at stake, it is natural to want to get back to school as quickly as you can once you finish rehab. However, you should keep in mind that treating your drinking problem is important for helping you get the most out of your educational plan. Now that you have made the decision to get sober, use these tips to find an alcohol rehab center in Pennsylvania that gives you what you need to continue working toward earning your degree.


Make Treatment for Alcohol Addiction Treatment a Priority

As a general rule, your physical and emotional health influences how well you do in school. Never delay going to rehab because you are afraid to take a break from school. The continuous use of alcohol will eventually begin to affect your ability to complete assignments on time and get good grades on your tests. If you are not sure if you have a problem with drinking too much, then consider these signs of a developing problem.

  • Needing more alcohol to achieve the same effect
  • Skipping class because of hangovers
  • Hearing people express concern about your drinking
  • Finding yourself drinking more than you planned

The realization that you are drinking too much may cause you to feel afraid, ashamed or even angry at yourself. However, you should know that many people struggle with alcohol addiction, and it is possible to get help without disrupting your life. You can even seek treatment that is completely confidential if you prefer to avoid letting your classmates or professors know about your alcohol addiction.

If you do decide to reach out to people within your academic facility for support, you should know that most people are supportive of your decision to attend rehab. Not only does going to rehab demonstrate that you prefer to take responsibility for your behaviors, but it also lets people know that you will do everything necessary to enjoy a successful future. Make sure to reach out to people around you for support as you make this next step in your life.


Get Back to School Fast While Going to Alcohol Rehab

When you enter rehab, your primary goal should be to learn how to cope with triggers and cravings that make you want to drink. However, your other priorities may include the desire to return to school as fast as you can. If this is the case, then make sure to let the counselors know that education is a priority to you when you conduct your initial consultation. This way, you can find out about all of your options for treatment.

While some people with addiction require around-the-clock residential treatment, you may be able to attend a partial hospitalization program. In these programs, you will attend therapy about six hours a day and five days a week. Depending upon your progress and home responsibilities, you may be able to attend school in the evenings or on weekends once you begin to feel strong enough.

People who must continue to finish out a semester may also decide to attend an intensive outpatient program where counseling is offered for three hours a day on three days of the week. This gives you more time to continue working on the educational plan that you have already started, and the therapy sessions can even be tailored to address the specific challenges that you encounter with sobriety and attending school. For instance, you may find it helpful to lean on the support of the other sober members of your therapy group for finding strategies that help you avoid accepting drinks from other students at social events.


Prevent Relapse While Getting an Education

Once you have passed through the initial stages of alcohol cessation, you will also need to develop a plan that helps you stay sober. Learning to manage your addiction is a lifelong process, and you will want to do everything that you can to prevent relapse as new stressors enter your life.

Outpatient therapy programs are a great way to continue your alcohol rehab program without having to live on-site. In this type of program, you will continue to receive support from professional counselors who know how to guide you through the next stage of dealing with alcohol addiction. From learning how to identify and avoid potential triggers to discovering new hobbies that keep you distracted, these programs help to open up doors to new opportunities that enhance your educational program.

Never let the fear of dropping out of school stop you from getting help with an alcohol addiction. Professional treatment programs understand the unique circumstances that people face when they deal with addiction, and your alcohol rehab center is able to accommodate your need for an education.

As you explore treatment options, you can also enhance your education by seeking a program that prioritizes helping people rebuild their lives as they graduate from the treatment center. For instance, you may be able to find help with applying for jobs after graduation that puts you on an even faster track toward finding success.

Our treatment program is designed to help you recover from addiction so that you can get back to working toward a successful future. Contact our counselors today at (877) 871-3356 so that we can help you pick a program that works with your school schedule.

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