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Are There Any Other Options Besides a 28 Day Rehab Program?

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If you are addicted to either alcohol or drug abuse, you need to receive help for you to recover from the addiction as soon as you can. But before you get help, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of recovery.

The dependence on drugs is not a small problem because it affects both the physical and the mental framework. For you to deal with alcohol or drug addiction effectively, you need to know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

Everyone has a different set of needs for the issues they are facing, and they all have to be considered when selecting a treatment approach. Some of the issues include:

  • The substance the patient is addicted to.
  • The period they have been dependent on the substance because studies have shown that long-term substance abuse is approached differently compared to short-term substance abuse.
  • Additional problems that the rehab center needs to take into account.
  • The budget for the rehab programs.

Research on treatment of addiction has categorized programs into different modalities. The approaches to treatment progressively evolve and diversify, and most programs today are different from the traditional forms of addiction treatment.

In most centers, detox and medically-managed withdrawal are the first stages of approaching treatment. In the detox process, the program is designed to manage the dangerous physiological effects of stopping the intake of the drugs.

Since it cannot stand on its own, medications are used to manage the detox process in both in-patient and out-patient plans. Medications are used by the rehab clinics to assist in the withdrawal process from drugs such as benzodiazepines, opioids, nicotine, barbiturates, alcohol, and other sedatives.

Things you need to consider when choosing a treatment program

Before we get to the overview of the different rehab programs common in drug rehabilitation centers, you need to know that you are different from everyone else. You might be able to take faster programs through the rehab program or not. You may desire to have a support system or not.

Although there is evidence that long-term inpatient rehabilitation is the best treatment plan, it may not be what you want. If you are a single mother and you don’t have a place to leave your children, an inpatient rehab program may not be the ideal place for you because your children cannot be left unattended. The best option may be the outpatient although it may not yield the best results.

Additionally, there are preferences that you need to consider. Some patients prefer to go for a more private or luxurious rehab program that provides for them the comfort that they need. Although luxury rehabs offer better results for patients who are used to that kind of lifestyle, most patients agree that the decision is on a preference basis and not a need basis.

Different types of rehabs

There are many other types of rehabs than the ones that we are going to mention. But after going through the different variations in this list, you will understand what you expect in your search.

Short-term rehabs

These are the 28 day rehab programs. Although 28-days is considered as a short time to impact long-term results, the residential option of this program gives you a chance to change your current ways and walk into the path of sobriety. Even though you might not recover fully as expected, it is a better option compared to no rehab.

Long-term rehab

In this program, you will attend a 60+ days program. These programs are the best because they are considered as the standard for a good recovery from substance abuse with supporting evidence on the effect it has on patients.

This treatment requires that you go for the residential option, meaning that you will live in the rehab facility where you will focus better on improving without distractions. As a patient, it works well by removing you from the tempting environment that may expose you to the drugs you are trying to stop. You cannot compare the uninterrupted care you receive from this rehab program from any other program.

Outpatient care

If you love the outpatient treatment program because it fits with your daily undertakings, it is essential for you to have a realistic expectation of how you are going to map your path to sobriety. Although the program offers almost the same programs that in-patients receive, it means that you will get back to the environment that you are most vulnerable in at the end of the day. Even though you may try as much as possible to be loyal and focused on the program, it is hard for most patients to remain sober throughout the treatment period.

State-funded programs

These programs are the exact opposite of luxury programs. In state-funded programs, you will contribute either very little or nothing to the overall cost of the rehab program. In these programs, you may not be exposed to the latest innovations that are available in other programs. To add to it, it may take longer for the patient to enter the rehab program.

Luxury programs

In this program, what can easily come to mind is rehab facilities that are fit for celebrities. In these facilities, you will find state of the art treatment services that provide exceptional treatment services to the patients. Since these types of programs are expensive, the staff will focus more on the patients because very few patients attend these programs. For these programs, a complete program is usually built around the patient.

Private programs

In most cases, patients depend on insurance to cover the private treatment program or some pay for themselves. Since this option is expensive, there are added benefits like smaller waiting lists and a better patient-to-staff ratio.

Since there are very many options to choose from for rehab programs, it is crucial that you look at all options before you decide the program that fits your needs.

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