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Short Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania?

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The decision to get sober is usually followed by many questions about how to find the right type of drug and alcohol treatment center. While some people prefer to go to a treatment center that involves up to a year of therapy, others need something a little shorter. Fortunately, Pennsylvania does offer short term drug and alcohol treatment centers that you can choose from to begin working on your recovery.

Naturally, a short-term treatment center must offer intensive therapy that helps you quickly learn strategies for overcoming cravings for drugs and alcohol. However, short term programs also offer benefits for your recovery that can aid in your transition back home. For instance, only needing to be away for a few weeks may help you preserve your job or make appropriate arrangements for child care. You may even attend a short term program on an outpatient basis so that you can continue to manage your daily responsibilities. While there are many reasons why you may choose a short term treatment center, you can expect that each part of the program is designed to support your continued recovery.

Explore Your Options for Addiction Treatment

Every person who enters a treatment center in Pennsylvania has a unique background that affects their recovery. For this reason, one of the first things that you will need to do is determine whether or not a short term program is right for you. While you may be eager to get back to normal life as fast as possible, the truth is that recovering from an addiction takes time. There are also proper precautions that may need to be taken if you struggle with severe withdrawal symptoms.

In general, addiction treatment involves four main phases. These include:

• Assessment and intake
• Medically-supervised detox
• Residential treatment
• Intensive Outpatient care
Each of these phases are critical for your recovery, and you should be aware that these should never be rushed.

During the initial phase of your treatment, your current state of health along with your addictive behaviors are assessed. After the assessment, recommendations are made regarding the best course of treatment to help you stop using drugs and alcohol. Usually, this will include a brief stay in medical detox followed by one to three months of treatment.

Understand How a Short Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Works

Short term addiction treatment programs are designed to pack as much therapy into each day as possible, and they only work when you are willing to put in the effort to get better. In a residential program, you will spend the majority of your day engaged in activities that help speed up the process of learning to overcome your addiction. After breakfast, you will begin intensive therapy sessions that help you get to the root of the reasons why you are compelled to use drugs or alcohol. Some of these counseling sessions will focus solely on your individual needs while others may include working as a group with the other residents to discuss topics such as how to manage cravings. You may also involve your family in the therapy sessions so that you can begin mending your relationship before you return home.

A short term therapy program that takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment is most effective for helping you to recovery more quickly. A holistic program simply means that the treatment center prioritizes healing the entire body and mind instead of just focusing on the specific addiction. The idea behind this is that strengthening your body and spirit gives you the energy you need to avoid falling prey to temptation.

Holistic services that you may find in a short term program include options such as:

• Nutritional assistance
• Chiropractic care
• Recreational activities
Biosound therapy
• Trauma therapy
• Mindfulness meditation practice

Often the holistic services that you receive during your treatment program are designed so that you can continue them once you return home. For example, many people recovering from addiction find that mindfulness meditation is easy to implement into their normal routine, and it helps them to ease anxiety and depression that contributes to cravings.

Plan to Prevent Relapse After Your Short Term Treatment is Complete

Whether you stay 30 days in a program or reside there for several months, you must understand that addiction recovery is a lifelong process. The majority of people require continued support throughout the critical first year of sobriety, and some even continue attending therapy sessions for years after the finish their first round of treatment. This is why you will find that short term treatment centers offer after care services that help you stay on track with your sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Programs are designed to serve as a transition that helps you ease back into normal life after your treatment is finished. In these programs, you continue to spend the majority of your day at the addiction treatment center, but you go home once your therapy sessions are over. This allows you to continue to maintain the strength that you developed in your first phases of treatment, and having someone to talk to about the challenges that you encounter in your real life helps to prevent relapse.

Often, underlying trauma or mental health issues still continue to affect your life after treatment. You may also encounter new stresses, such as starting a job or trying to heal a relationship, that pose a risk for your recovery. In outpatient therapy programs, you receive assistance from professional counselors as well as other members of your group that help you figure out positive coping strategies for life’s transitions. Over time, you may begin to scale back how often you attend group counseling sessions, but many people find that going to some type of therapy at least once a week is beneficial for their recovery.

We know how important it is to find a treatment center that fits your needs, and we offer a variety of programs to help you get control over your addiction. Reach out to one of our counselors at 888-380-0342 to get started on your journey to sobriety.

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