Are There Detox Rehabs in PA That Can Move Me Straight from Detox to Inpatient?

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What most people don’t understand about addiction treatment is there are actually three aspects of treatment. The first one is the detox. While not every client has to submit to a detox program, it’s fair to say that a vast majority of the incoming rehab clients do need help with the detox process. Without adequate time and support to get past their withdrawal symptoms and cravings, it would be nearly impossible for them to fully concentrate on the next aspect of treatment, which is therapy.

The therapy aspect of addiction treatment is literally the meat and potatoes of addiction treatment. This is the point in treatment where clients get a full introduction to their addiction. Oh, they know they have an addiction. What’s usually missing is they don’t usually know exactly what is driving their desire to abuse harmful substances. After getting a glimpse into their personal issues, they also get the opportunity to acquire the coping and life skills they will need to stay sober well into the future.

The last aspect of treatment is what takes place after the client completes treatment. While they are standing on the outside trying to navigate life without using drugs or alcohol as a crutch, they could be vulnerable to temptation or their personal triggers. Access to some really good aftercare programs is the best way to help clients stay on the road of recovery.

Are There Detox Rehabs in PA That Can Move Me Straight from Detox to Inpatient?

After addressing the three aspects of addiction treatment, it makes sense to discuss how the treatment is administered. At this point, the focus is going to fall on detox and the transition to the therapy portion of treatment. A lot of prospective addiction treatment clients feel entering treatment is like an adventure into the great unknown. To alleviate any anxiety someone might have about how the addiction treatment process proceeds, we will discuss two detox options and how they integrate with the therapy portion of treatment.

From a Third Party Detox Rehab to Therapy

Not every reputable addiction rehab facility has the resources or expertise to offer detox programs services. These types of programs typically require a facility to maintain an extensive medical staff to provide said services. As an alternative, a lot of rehabs will choose to affiliate themselves with a reputable third-party detox rehab.

The process goes as such. The client contacts the treatment facility and goes through the intake process. During that process, the intake clinician might decide the client needs a detox program. They will refer that client out to a third-party detox facility where the client will stay for 5-7 days while going through withdrawal.

After completing the detox process, the client will move back to the treatment facility where they will undergo intensive therapy until release. While this is certainly a viable option, it doesn’t offer the continuity of care a lot of clients desire. It’s for that very reason that more and more addiction treatment facilities are starting to offer in-house detox options.

From an In-House Detox Rehab to Therapy

This is the option most people in the addiction community prefer when it comes to offering detox programs. Under the same intake scenario, the intake clinician will simply prescribe the facility’s in-house detox rehab option. The client will move immediately into the detox facility and begin the detox process.

Once the detox process is complete, the client’s transition from detox into the treatment facility will feel seamless. The ability for the facility’s detox professionals to interact with facility therapists in a moments notice is an invaluable aspect of this particular detox option.

On the client’s behalf, the continuity of care relieves a lot of potential stress they might experience having to go from one location to another. Our PA full-service facility is proud to be able to offer our clients both detox services and the advantage of easy and immediate transfer from the detox facility to the treatment facility.

If you are ready to take a stand against your addiction, the information we offered above should give you some insight into the inner-workings of addiction treatment. We would be honored to have the opportunity to help you arrest your addiction and get back to living the life you were intended to live. For more information about our services, you can contact one of our staff members at 888-380-0342. This is one phone call you will never regret making.

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