Are there Employees Who Specialize in Areas Besides Drug Counseling at PA Rehab Centers?

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The main purpose of going to a Pennsylvania rehab center is to learn tools to recover from your addiction. However, recovering from addiction involves more than straight-forward talk therapy. Therapy that caters to the physical, psychological, and spiritual is necessary for a good, long-term recovery. If you have a co-occurring disorder, that must be diagnosed and treated as well. You may also be a member of a population that has a unique set of issues that predispose you for addiction. Fortunately, there are employees who specialize in areas besides drug counseling at Pennsylvania rehab centers.

Drug counselors are the main professionals that you probably think of when you think about going to rehab. They are mental health professionals whose main objective is to diagnose and treat substance use disorders. However, modern addiction treatment compels rehab centers to prefer that they have dual-licensure and specialization in specific areas. There are also other employees at rehab centers that serve clients in other important ways besides counseling.

Common Dual-Certifications and Specializations of Drug Counselors

Drug counselors often possess the following dual-certifications and specialize in these areas:

• Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) are social workers who are able to diagnose, treat, and counsel clients. These professionals can be helpful for those who may be struggling or are struggling with co-occurring disorders or have other underlying issues. They are also trained to perform social work duties such as preparing aftercare plans, case management, and helping clients look for employment and educational opportunities for clients.
• Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed professional counselors (LPCs) perform similar duties as a licensed clinical social worker. The main difference is the different title and their training was strictly geared towards counseling than other social work areas. They are trained to diagnose, treat, and counselor and are also helpful with clients who have co-occurring disorders and underlying issues that go beyond drug and alcohol addiction (e.g. trauma).
• Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) are helpful in addiction rehabs because addiction is a family disease. Marriages and families often suffer during active addiction. LMFTs are helpful in mending relationships that were broken during active addiction.
The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, and asexual population have much higher rates of substance abuse due to the stigma that they face from their peers, society, and families. Certain therapists specialize in treating sexual minorities because they have specific issues that underlie their addiction.
• Christian and Other Faith-Based Counseling
Certain therapists are certified to perform Christian and other faith-based counseling. In secular rehab programs, faith-based counseling is available upon request. In a faith-based rehab program, most or all of the counselors should be certified to perform this type of counseling.

Other Common Employees at Rehab Centers

• Yoga/Meditation Instructors
Yoga and meditation instructors play a critical role in addiction recovery because yoga and meditation can be used as great coping mechanisms to substitute substance use.
• Art Therapists
Art helps people express thoughts and feelings that they may not be able to express in words. Art therapists create activities that help clients express these thoughts and feelings and help the client interpret them.
• Equine Therapists
Horses have been shown to have powerful healing effects on people who care for them and interact with them. Equine therapists use horses to help people recover from trauma.
• Nutritionists
Nutrition plays a major role in addiction recovery by helping your body recover from the damage of substance use and reduce your chances of relapse by helping you feel good. Nutritionists help clients improve their diet.
• Acupuncturists
Acupuncture has powerful healing effects and can be an alternative to opioids for chronic pain sufferers. Acupuncturists perform acupuncture on clients at rehab centers.

Your Relationship with Your Counselors and the Employees Matter

Different counselors work for different people. If you do not feel comfortable with your counselor after a few sessions, you can always request a different counselor. Even though a counselor who calls you out on your defense mechanisms, which may make you uncomfortable, is necessary, you should not feel uncomfortable with a counselor because you feel that they do not understand your issues.

The other employees should also treat you with kindness and dignity. Most importantly, they should understand addiction. If any employees are not treating you well, feel free to bring it up with the administration. Rehab is supposed to be a nurturing experience.

Pennsylvania rehabs are ready to help you conquer your addiction. If you are ready to fight your addiction and win to live a life of freedom, please contact a Pennsylvania rehab center today by visiting their website and calling them today at 888-380-0342.

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