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Are You Allowed to Opt Out of Activities at an Inpatient Rehab in PA?

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The process of undergoing rehab is much more than simply breaking the physical need for the drug. In addition, you will undergo a physical assessment to determine your overall health, be put on an adaptive diet to repair the damage that may have been done to your gut and encouraged to eat well and exercise to rebuild your physical strength.

In addition, you will be expected to participate in some occupational therapies and group activities. You may be included in outdoor activities, art projects or a yoga class. Holidays will be celebrated within the group and the facility, and if the holiday season isn’t part of your tradition, you will be invited to share your favorite memorable traditions.

Isolation as Part of Your Illness

Many people feel that addiction is a personal failing. This shame or sense of failure may lead them to self-isolate. You may want to avoid group therapy talking sessions or scheduled activities with other people in rehab. You may even want to ignore your counselors. However, you need to be aware that these activities are more than simply ways to fill the hours of your day in in-patient rehab.

Social isolation is a destructive force. You may have felt isolated while you were using your drug of choice, but you likely built up social connections while gaining access to the substance. Your peers, upon completing in-patient rehab, will change when you leave the facility if you are to be successful in leaving the drug culture behind. Therapeutic activities such as exercise classes and art therapy are a way to relearn how to build a healthier community in your future.

Expanding Emotional Awareness

It doesn’t matter if you are great at art or if you stink at it. The point of these therapies, particularly those that are new to you, is to encourage you to get a little silly. If you can’t draw, paint. If you can’t paint with a brush, finger paint. Addictive substances rewire the brain to force the addict to chase the next high. In the chase, you may have lost the ability to take pleasure in simple things.

Holistic therapy practices such as yoga and Qi Gong are generally done in silence. While under the influence of the addictive substance, you may have struggled to feel heard once you realized that your reaction to the drug was getting out of control. Perhaps trauma in your past led you to feel voiceless in a dangerous world and led you to an addictive substance that helped you to feel safe. In the silence of practice like yoga, you can find the ability to hear yourself again.

Group Practices

You cannot be forced into religious activities against your will. If you must participate for a time per the instructions of your counselor, we would ask that you sit respectfully while those who wish to participate in the chosen activity, such as decorating a Christmas tree, enjoy their celebration. If your holiday traditions featured a different expression, you may be invited to share your memories.

Everyone in a group is likely to feel uncomfortable at some point in the rehab process. Some will excel at physical activities such as weight lifting, others will shine in art class and still, others will do well on hikes or other outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you are not great at everything you try. The goal is to try new things, embrace simple joys and learn to be at peace with your attempt.

If you find that any activity is damaging to your self-esteem or your rehab goals, speak to a counselor. They may be able to find a modified activity you can do by yourself until you feel stronger.

Final Thoughts

A qualified rehab facility will be able to build a program that helps you to focus on wellness. If you’ve never taken an art class, worked out in a gym or enjoyed celebrating a hobby, you may feel odd or uncomfortable as you experience these new things. However, new things are how you grow away from addictive behaviors and into the person, you want to be. Are you ready to get started? Call us today at 888-380-0342.

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