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Can a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Help with a Gambling Addiction?

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Gambling addictions are not much different than addictions to drugs and alcohol. With a gambling addiction, you likely feel the urge to gamble while putting yourself at financial risk, even if it is not wise for you to do. You may not have the ability to resist temptation whenever you have the opportunity to gamble, especially if you are in a casino environment or setting.

If you are struggling with an addiction to gambling that you want to overcome, you may be considering a rehabilitation program. Choosing between an inpatient or outpatient rehab program greatly depends on any other addictions you are currently struggling with as well as the programs that are available in your area.

Can a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Help With a Gambling Addiction?

Many residential rehabilitation treatment centers may accept individuals who are also struggling with a gambling addiction in addition to an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Residential rehab centers and treatment facilities are prepared and well-versed to help with intake, diagnosis, and treatment of any individual who is struggling with a serious gambling addiction.

Before you choose a rehabilitation program or a residential rehab center that is right for you, it is important to inquire about the resources each center or program provides that are optimal for your needs as a gambler. When speaking with a representative of a local rehabilitation center or facility, be sure to remain open and honest about your own gambling habits and needs when it comes to your sobriety.

How Gambling Relates to Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Gambling is closely linked with addictions to alcohol and drugs as it thrives off of impulses and can ultimately lead to major loss. Similarly to using alcohol and drugs, gamblers often feel a rush or a drive whenever they are gambling, especially if there is a high risk of losing all of their money. Individuals who struggle with chronic and debilitating gambling issues often have an addiction gene or have other members in their familial line who have also struggled with addictions of their owns.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Solutions

There are both residential drug rehab centers, also known as inpatient treatment programs as well as standard outpatient programs for those who are struggling with their gambling habits. A residential drug rehab treatment facility offers 30, 60, and 90-day programs which require individuals to live within the residential centers until the completion of their designated or chosen program. With outpatient programs, you have the option of coming and going to various programs as you see fit, although some programs may require more accountability than others to remain as an active member.

Benefits of Rehab Programs for Gamblers

If you are struggling with a gambling addiction, rehab programs provide a number of advantages over not seeking help, such as:

  • Eliminate Temptation: Rehab centers provide zero-tolerance atmospheres, minimizing the temptation of gambling and keeping distractions to a minimum as well.
  • Healthy Environment: Implement a daily routine into your life again with a residential rehab facility. Avoid spending too much time at casinos or in high-risk locations where gambling is present and available.
  • Counseling: Work together with counselors and therapists who specialize in addictions of all kinds. Learn how to express yourself when discussing your addictions to gambling, alcohol, and drugs while doing so without feeling ashamed of your emotions and admissions. Meet regularly with a counselor or gambling expert to create a working plan of action to prevent gambling and tasking unnecessary risks in the future once you have completed your inpatient program.

Finding the Right Rehab Center or Program for You

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab program that is right for you and your addiction to gambling can make all of the difference as you work towards a future of sobriety. Whether you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol in addition to gambling or another substance, finding the right rehabilitation center or treatment program can help you to remain on track to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Are you struggling with an addiction to gambling but you want to make a positive and healthy change? Are you tired of your gambling addiction holding you back? We can help. Call us at 888-380-0342 to speak with one of our representatives about how one of our rehabilitation programs or treatment centers can help you to not only face your drug or alcohol addiction, but also your addiction to gambling today.

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