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Can a Pennsylvania Alcohol Rehab Help Me with Alcoholism-Related Physical Illnesses?

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True drug treatment for alcohol related illness must include physical support for the body to try to repair damage done to the body. In addition, care must be provided for any mood disorders that could have contributed to the illness and for social concerns including isolation as the addict moves into recover.

Symptoms of the body that will need to be checked out include possible damage to the liver, including scarring known as cirrhosis. High levels of alcohol consumption over time can lead to elevated cholesterol levels, which may increase your risk for blood clots. Also, alcoholics are at higher risk for diabetes as well as serious stomach issues. Finally, long term alcohol abuse can impact brain function and increase your risk of cancer.

Caring for Your Digestive Tract and Liver

Alcohol is highly acidic and can damage your esophagus and stomach lining. Over time, regular consumption of alcohol can alter the amount of acid your stomach puts out or may change the chemistry of your stomach so severely that the lining is damaged. When you are no longer using alcohol, your digestive tract will need time to heal. This may mean everything from treating esophageal scarring to addressing colon problems from poor nutrient absorption to constipation and hemorrhoids. The flora and fauna of your gut will need time to rebalance and heal.

Your liver was working hard to clean the alcohol from your bloodstream while you were actively drinking. Once that load is withdrawn it may take time to return to a normal functioning. Luckily, your liver has remarkable restorative powers. During the early days of your withdrawal and recovery, your liver function should be carefully monitored. As your drinking is reduced and your stomach rebounds, take care to drink plenty of water to help cleanse your liver.

Your Coronary Healing

High levels of alcohol consumption can lead to high risk of heart disease, extreme blood clotting and may contribute to the development of diabetes. Anyone of these conditions can take a serious toll on your heart. In addition, blood clots currently trapped in your circulatory system may travel to your lungs or brain and put you at risk for an embolism or stroke.

It’s critically important that you not go through withdrawal alone. The detoxing process of alcohol withdrawal can lead to seizures or severe shock, both of which can be fatal. In addition, alcohol withdrawal can lead to hallucinations, irrational fears or risk of high levels of agitation. Do your best to find a bed or space in a rehab facility as soon as you decide that you want to start on the path to sobriety so you don’t have to go through withdrawal alone and unsupervised.

Brain Health as Well as Social and Emotional Support

Your brain will lose functioning neurons as you age and alcoholics lose more than those who don’t regularly drink to excess. In addition, there are nutrients missing for many long-term alcohol abusers that can lead to illnesses such as Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. This condition directly relates to a loss of B Vitamins suffered by chronic alcoholism. Early symptoms include slurred speech and the inability to remember names.

In addition, you may lose access to your social circle when you leave drinking behind. Many who abuse drugs find that, without this connection, their social circle falls apart. If isolation and loneliness are a concern, notify your counselors at your Pennsylvania Alcohol Rehab center. Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive healing and a way forward into healthier social groups. Your counselors can help you connect with social grouping who will know you as a person working through recover. When they learn your struggle, you can build a better future with the support of those who know your hard work.

Excessive alcohol consumption strips your body of healthy nutrients and damages the ability of the body to absorb the nutrients once they are delivered. For those still struggling with physical ailments based on years of alcohol abuse, you will want to monitor the progress of your physical condition as the toxins leave your body. Opportunities are available and the time to get clean is now. We are ready to help you. Contact us at 888-380-0342 and reserve your space.

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