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Can A Person Go To Too Many Rehab Centers?

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In seeking treatment for drugs and alcohol, it is possible that you may not find yourself completely without hiccups. In fact, sometimes some of us still have reservations about a new life of sobriety even facing the sobering consequence of our addictions and abuse. Shame and remorse might keep us from returning back to receive treatment if this happens, but this type of thinking is only a roadblock to the lifetime of recovery and health that is still available to us. Returning to a rehabilitation center or simply asking for help is never a bad idea. Many of us have made blunders and been able to return to the light. And despite all of the negativity we may feed ourselves, most people will be glad to see us humbled by this incident and heartened as we now face our problem with more integrity and respect. Above all, you must remember — it is never to late to reach out and get the help you need to rise above the vices of your addiction or alcoholism.

Will the Rehab Centers Admit me if I Return?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Treatment centers in PA are comprised of caring and knowledgeable staff that understand the ins and outs of this disease and want to help you beat it. When a person returns, they are even often a priority because they understand that this time, your motivation is really centered on removing yourself from the harmful behaviors of your addiction. It can be a truly cathartic and healing experience to be accepted by a community that truly understand what it is you have been going through. Although not everyone might understand, it is here where you can take comfort and find strength until you have the skills to appropriately manage your symptoms, desires, and behaviors.

What Can I do About the Shame?

As mentioned above, shame can seem to be an inescapable and integral part of the emotional cycle of addiction. However, with the proper education and the support of the recovery community, you can step outside of this vicious cycle and more bravely tackle the issues that really matter — getting better. In the end, all feeling shameful will do is to keep you chained to the damaging emotional cycles and behaviors that led you to be imprisoned by drugs and alcohol in the first place. Learning to let go of this negativity will free up more room for the things that really matter. Things like family, your new goals, and the exciting new life ahead of you.

How Should I Let Someone Know I Want to Return After a Relapse?

This can seem to be an impossible choice when chained by the powers of addiction and alcoholism but in reality, the problem and the solution prove to be rather simple. In this case, like in many, honesty is the best policy. Even those who don’t quite understand your dilemma can respect the honesty and genuine nature of a person who is able to admit to their wrongs. In the world of recovery, it is understood that all people make mistakes, however it is not recommended that we should ever have to lie about them. Doing so, only keeps us further tethered to the abysmal world of shadows and secrets that helped to get us into this situation in the first place. By fully embracing our mistakes and being forthright when we have erred will gain the trust back from those we have lost it from. Ultimately, this is what most of us desire anyway. To get this back, we must tell the truth.

What Should I Focus on When I Return to the Facility?

From the many things already discussed, one of the single most important things that you can do is to get your priorities straight. With the newfound motivation from returning to the treatment facility, you must make sure that your actions agree with your words. Do everything you can to put yourself within radius of the people who are really serious about recovery and emulate their successes. These type of people can be found in a myriad of forms. This could be the staff, a relative, or a mentor or friend within the sobriety community. Aligning yourself with these type of people will grant you the strength and protection to continue to work on yourself and pursue the type of necessary growth you will need to reintroduce yourself into a world without safety nets. You are your biggest asset and who you choose to help you will become the person your grow to be. Make sure that these people are healthy and show you the type of recovery and health that you’d like to see yourself have in the future.

What Else Should I Know?

An important lesson that many of us have had to learn is to be patient. Recovery does not come all at once. It is more of a journey than a one-stop to success. There will be times, where once again you will be tried. However, if you have adequately prepared, you will find that you will no longer fall down as you once did. You will no longer have to bow down to the wicked masters named addiction and alcoholism. And in the wake of a new dawn, you will find that among these challenges are many new joys too; rich friendships, relationships, and family will now be able to properly enjoy your company and grow along side you. You will not be alone as you once felt but instead empowered by the very community you once felt estranged from.

You Are Not Alone

This is the most important message of all. In deed, you are not alone. Even if you have to return to a rehab center to receive further assistance, this is not a defeat. This is a victory and you are on your way to once again subdue the harm caused by your addictions. Do not hesitate to seek help. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 888-380-0342

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