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Can Forced Addiction Treatment Help?

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“Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my”, Dorothy and her ragtag crew of miscreants chanted as they skipped along the yellow brick road in the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’. As they adventured on they repeated this in fear, but not as a way to entertain the viewer; there’s a deeper lesson in it that many of us overlook. As they kept walking down the path into the dark forest in hopes of a brighter horizon somewhere down the line, they did so in fear, but in a way that showed us how irrational our fears can be. As they spoke their mantra aloud, the next character to join them was indeed a lion(who was actually more scared of them than they of him). Yes this Hollywood, but it’s a great example of adaptation through the unexpected.

That’s what we do though, we survive. One of the secret ingredients to life is to live; not allowing your candle to extinguish preterm. Human beings have endured thousands of years through unexpected change only to continue to survive. On a planet that is constantly revolving, and its inhabitants always evolving, we have overcome so much in such little time in the sole effort to thrive through such galvanized conditions. We have created cures to diseases that used to run rampant amongst our masses, have evolved through the industrial revolution, and have essentially mastered the art form of electricity. We have have brought ourselves out of our ‘Flintstones’ like age into a ‘Jetsons’ like future. This is all through adaptation. However, as far advanced as we have become, there are still struggles that take a bit more to understand.

Addiction, for many, is one of those such unexpected struggles that requires much conformity. On account of this, most with alcoholic thinking will avoid addressing it like the plague. The disease will convince them to do so. However, there’s only so long you can avoid something. These are the addicts that need a Tin Man, Scarecrow, and a Cowardly Lion by their side to help them out of their lost situation. The same ones that might not know their lost, but could use the accountability. This is partly how forced addiction treatment helps.   


Addiction Treatment Requisites  

Far too many live their lives trapped in alcoholism, trying to ignore its blantantness. This is why entering addiction treatment requires being pushed into for some. Accepting addiction problems is never an easy thing, but it takes action to avoid having the tire marks of alcoholism skid across your face doing doughnuts(it doesn’t feel good).

Forced addiction treatment and having the help of others is sometimes the only solution to that chaos that some of us chose to call life. As mentioned beforehand, no it’s not thrilling, but it does work for many. Many addicts/alcoholics enter forced addiction treatment with no dedication to getting/staying sober. Having been coerced, persuaded, or even court ordered, they’ll find themselves questioning if it’s even worth it.

That’s what addiction does though. For quite some time, addiction kept most of us locked into this negative mindset that was always preventing growth. Getting help just meant creating lingering thoughts like, “What if it doesn’t work”? “What if I fail at it”? “What a waste of money”. You name it, some addict has thought it whilst being pushed into preventative measures like so. Some may not even think they are worth the trouble for forced addiction treatment. This also is a clear sign of the fact they are seeing life from a negative viewpoint and addiction could be holding the reigns. Self worth goes out the door for many when they begin drug/alcohol abuse. All logical thought and common sense becomes clouded and it becomes impossible for that person to see clearly. Impossible for them to see the danger they’re putting their lives into. Impossible for them to see the family members and friends their damaging. Impossible to see that there is a way out of the misery they have self declared to run their lives. Having a clarified look from the outside in always differs from the hazy inside out.


Can Forced Help Actually Help?

Nobody wants to be forced into anything against their best judgment. Nobody likes being told what to do. We are our own human beings with our own cognitive thought processes and opinions. At the same time though, it was our best thinking that got us here, maybe somebody else’s thinking can help get us out. So maybe taking some suggestions like trying this whole “help” thing out isn’t the worst that can happen.

On top of that, becoming clean and sober isn’t the only educational values that can be obtained from forced addiction treatment. Sure sobriety is the main prerogative, but even if uncertainty in this ability is prevalent, it’s important to keep an open mind with the other things that can be learnt. Forced addiction treatment has the ability to guide anybody with an open mind in things like:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Introspection/Self Awareness
  • Short/Long Term Goals
  • General Life Skills

We’re all trying to understand this life one day at a time. You’re never as alone as you think you are. With alcoholic thinking already presenting the odds against us, it’s not like forced addiction treatment could hurt us even more. At the very least it’s a prospect to grow and learn some things about self that most never have the chance to. Try to see the glass half full. Forced addiction treatment can help if you let it.   


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