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Can My Spouse and I Attend the Same Alcohol Treatment Centers in PA?

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It’s common for a couple to share a dependency problem on alcohol. While most rehabs offer treatment depending on an individual basis, there has been a need to cater programs for couples trying to battle addiction together. Intimate relationships are meant to be safe havens that protect our emotions and improve our quality of life. When addiction to alcohol becomes part of a relationship, chaos, violence, financial irresponsibility, and emotional upheaval are bound to erupt. Over time, many people will seek treatment as individuals.

If one member of the couple goes for addiction treatment while the other continues to abuse alcohol, it makes it much harder for the first partner to avoid temptations and relapse after recovery. Moreover, the other partner who chooses not to go for treatment may continue to cause strain to the relationship and could lead to divorce or separation. If you and your spouse have an addiction problem, it will help if both seek treatment together and recover as a team. So, can couples attend the same addiction treatment centers and programs together?

Are there couple-based rehab programs?

Fortunately, many rehabs are incorporating couple-based programs for partners who are in a committed relationship and are determined to seek treatment for alcohol abuse. Many couples testify to entering rehab as both scary and overwhelming and could be the leading barrier to seeking treatment for most people. It would be comforting to go through the treatment process with a loving partner by your side. It’s even more encouraging if both you and your partner derive the motivation to go through treatment from each other. So, yes, there are rehab programs that accommodate couples who want addiction treatment together. How does it work?

Most treatment approaches for couples attending rehab together focus on Behavioral Couples’ Therapy or Integrated Behavioral Couples’ Therapy. Studies show a positive correlation between substance abuse and marital problems. The two factors are believed to generate a destructive cycle in which each encourages the other. Both behavioral approaches aim at focusing on restructuring the dysfunctional couples’ relationship and interactions to support sobriety. Therapists will help identify triggers and aid the partners to learn how to prevent each other’s triggers and how to help each other in times of crisis.

Doing rehab time together as a couple means you both get to spend high-quality time together away from alcohol. It could help you retrace your steps in a relationship and strengthen it.

What living arrangements are available?

Living arrangements for couple rehab may differ from one rehab facility to the next. Mostly, this depends on the severity of the addiction, the current state of the relationship, and the mental conditions of either partner.

After evaluation of each partner, your doctor and therapist may recommend:

Separate but united programs

In a case where one partner has a more severe addiction to alcohol, the doctor may recommend that their situation be managed separately. Also, if there are records of violence in the relationship or psychological issues, the therapist might suggest separate living arrangements until both individuals recover fully. With time, as both individuals recover, regular couples therapy sessions and arrangements to visit each other may be encouraged. Either way, for the larger part of the treatment process, the two would be in separate parts of the facility but will share the same recovery programs.

Attending rehab together

For couples who have a strong relationship and are committed to the treatment process equally, treatment centers offer the option of attending rehab together. Having a source of firm support and motivation is the key to successful therapy. Couples who choose to participate in therapy together genuinely without being forced into it, have a higher chance of completing treatment successfully and maintaining sobriety after treatment.

Couples therapy

Regardless of the living arrangements, couples’ therapy is a critical element in couple-based programs. Both partners need to be on the same page and walk through the healing journey together. Even after successful completion of treatment, the risk of relapse always lurks close. Also, there are emotional and physical injuries that may have been inflicted on either partner that can’t be taken back or reversed. Couples’ therapy is vital in helping both individuals become strong as individuals, learn about each other from a more open perspective, and prepare them for life after recovery.

Do you still believe in your relationship? Are you looking to save it through seeking treatment in a couple-based rehab facility? Call us today at 888-380-0342 and let us help you protect your marriage or relationship and utmost, your life as an individual.

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