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If I Can Quit Using Pain Pills On My Own, Do I Still Need Addiction Counseling?

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You have been battling with an addiction to pain pills. You began taking your medication after a sports injury. It was the only way that you could get past the pain so you could get back to your normal life. You thought you had it under control, but you found yourself turning to pain pills long after the pain was over. You managed to convince your doctor to keep writing refills, even though you no longer need the drug. You’re taking them now and can’t seem to get enough. You realize that you are suffering from addiction and it is getting in the way. You can’t keep up with your exercise regimen and the sport that you love. You have a hard time concentrating at work. You have been on edge, irritable to the point that it is affecting your personal relationships. You have decided enough is enough. You aren’t going to let this pain medication control your life any longer. You think that you can do it by yourself. You’re ready to give it a try. Before you attempt to overcome your pain medication addiction, you have questions that need to be answered.

Do You Need Addiction Counseling if You Quit Using Pain Pills on Your Own?

Addiction counseling is strongly advised regardless of how you manage to break free from the source of your addiction. Whether it is alcohol, prescription medication, or illegal drugs, you are going to need professional help as you work your way out of your addiction. You need to learn what led you to turn to addiction so that you won’t fall into the same trap again in the future. You are going to struggle with intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Your addiction counseling can help you to work your way through these difficult steps. You also need support when temptation arises in the future. You need to find out what kind of healthy choices you can make in the future to avoid drug use as a crutch. If you are injured in the future or you go through a medical condition that requires pain medication, you could leave yourself open to addiction again. You need to have the tools you need to fight a relapse.

Think Twice About Doing it Alone

Breaking free from any type of addiction is extremely challenging. Your addiction to pain medication has changed your brain and its chemical balance. Your body now requires that drug. If you suddenly cut yourself off from your medication, you could experience dangerous side effects that you are not able to handle on your own. You could also find yourself feeling so miserable that you have to turn back to using pain pills on your own. It’s dangerous. You could open yourself to the risk of an overdose as you struggle to overcome your discomfort. It is all too easy to return to any type of drug use when you are by yourself, especially if you have easy access to the source of your addiction. When you feel all alone in this struggle, you may feel like there is no way to overcome it. You may have thought you could quit when you started this journey only to end up back where you started.

An Addiction Recovery Program is Waiting for You

When you are overwhelmed by your struggle with an addiction to pain medication, a recovery program can help you to win this fight. You will have medical supervision to make sure you are safe while you are undergoing treatment. You will be provided with care by compassionate staff members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as you work your way through the biggest challenge in your life. You can put pain medication addiction behind you when you take a team approach. When you enter the program, you will be given an initial evaluation to assess what type of medication you are using, how long you have been using it, and how much you have been using it every day. Your health will be evaluated. Your medical history will be another piece of the puzzle to see if anything else is contributing to your addiction. The next step will be to create your personalized treatment plan. You will begin with detoxification. This is the point when all traces of pain medication will be eliminated from your system as you stop use of the drug. Detoxification can last as long as fourteen days. If you try to do this stage on your own, you are in for a long haul. There may be dangerous effects during this initial stage. Your medical professionals in your program know what to look for and what to do as problems arise. With the proper support, you can get through every step of your program.

Learn the Skills You Need to Overcome Pain Pill Addiction

Once you have eliminated the pain pills from your system, you will begin the counseling process. Your team of professionals will lead the way as they help you to understand how pain pill addiction took over your life and what you need to do to avoid it from this point on. You may find other ways to deal with pain if that is an issue in the future. If you do need medication, your doctor will need to be aware of your addiction to make sure you receive a treatment that is safe for you. You want to put your pain medication addiction behind you by breaking free.

Learn More About Addiction Recovery Services Today

Before you try cutting yourself off from pain medication on your own, contact us at 888-380-0342. Our representatives will help you to learn more about your options with our addiction recovery services. We can offer you the support and counseling you need to put this period in your life behind you. You can overcome pain pill addiction when you have the proper tools, knowledge, and support.

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