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Can You Bring Your Own Clothes to Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania?

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You’ve made the first step and decided to get help at a rehabilitation center. It’s natural to be a little apprehensive of the unknown. When it comes to the clothes that you need for rehab, there are a few standard pieces to consider. First, you must realize how important the clothes you bring is to your recovery. You want to be comfortable as the process of withdrawing from drugs or alcohol isn’t easy. When you feel comfy, then you are more eager to focus on the most important things. You don’t need to dress up to impress anyone; you’re here to work on your addiction.

Planning Your Stay

You will need about seven days’ worth of clothing. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be in rehabilitation for a few weeks or a month, having at least a week’s worth of clothes will give you an ample supply. All facilities have washing machines so that you can do your laundry. Make sure you bring pieces that don’t require any special handling, and they are comfortable and appropriately sized. Depending on the season, you should bring the following things:

•Bath Robe
•Hats and Gloves

When creating your wardrobe for your stay, remember that you need enough stuff to last for at least a month. Your duration will depend on your needs and progress. Each center has dress codes that they will enforce on everyone. You need to make sure that your clothes are approved and won’t be an issue with the administrator. If you bring outfits that don’t meet their protocol, then they will be confiscated.

Things To Avoid Bringing

An easy way to determine if what your wearing is appropriate is to consider your high school days. If you couldn’t wear it to school, then you can’t wear it in rehab. If you decide to bring shorts, they must be too the knee or no more than an inch or two above it. Also, halter tops and other revealing clothing are not appropriate. It’s a medical treatment center and not a nightclub.

You don’t want anything that will distract other people during their healing process. Anything you wear shouldn’t show excessive skin when you move your arms or legs. There are people from all walks of life who come to these centers for help. Some of them may be offended if you have inappropriate clothing. Additionally, revealing clothes can be an invitation for behaviors that should never happen in a treatment center. You don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize your recovery.

Wearing clothes with slogans or foul language is also frowned upon. Anything that makes mention of drugs or alcohol is especially not tolerated. Articles that have such material might irritate others or wearing it can show a lack of sincerity towards your recovery.

You may feel like you need to dress for success, but overdressing in rehab can complicate things. Remember, you’re not on vacation and getting help for an addiction is serious business. You don’t want fancy clothing, makeup, and jewelry. These things aren’t needed in the centers, and you don’t need to wear them anyway. There may be some special occasions where you need a more formal outfit, but those occasions are few and far between.

Though you may want to bring food items with you, it’s frowned upon. You are typically put on a restrictive eating plan during the recovery phase to help promote healing. Soda, chips, and sweets can inhibit your success.

You won’t be allowed to have cellphones, iPods, tablets, or anything that can connect to the internet. These items will not be able to be used in the facility and will be confiscated. Though it seems a bit harsh, it’s a guideline that is in place to help you in your recovery. Having connections with the outside world may tempt you to contact someone for drugs, especially when you are detoxing.

Other Things To Pack

While clothes are important, you will also need to bring some toiletry items. Some centers provide basic needs, but others require you to purchase them. You will need to have some toiletry items that will last you for the duration of your stay. Here are some other things to consider bringing:

•Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener
•Alarm Clock
•Comb and Hairbrush
•Mouthwash (Alcohol-Free)
•Prescription Medications
•Razors (Preapproved Only)
•Shaving Cream

If you have any questions about recovery and what items you need to bring with you to your Pennsylvania rehabilitation center, then you can call us today at 888-380-0342. Also check out What to Bring. Our representatives are eager to help you start on the path towards sobriety.

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