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Just Believe Recovery believes in the ongoing support of those in recovery, and in providing public awareness and education! One important way we do this is through our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blog, power-packed with news, ideas, and recovery help!

Is Alcoholism Hereditary? | Just Believe Recovery

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Is alcoholism hereditary? Medical professionals are still looking for an answer. We know now that addiction is a form of disease. But, with the right counseling and medication, it is treatable. We’ve been attempting to understand addiction for decades. Scientists are narrowing down the cause

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What is a Healthy Support System? | Just Believe Recovery PA

Do You Have a Healthy Support System?

A healthy support system is important for everyone, especially those in recovery. Everyone needs someone they can reach out to in times of turmoil or those times you just need to talk. What is a Support System? A strong support system is made up of

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What is an Enabler? | Just Believe Recovery PA

What is an Enabler?

Throughout life we come across all sorts of people. All sorts of people, from all walks of life, with all sorts of personalities. An enabler can be one of those personality types. Enablers mean well, and are genuinely good people. But the main characteristic of

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Emotional Sobriety | Just Believe Recovery PA
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Unresolved Trauma Fuels Your Addiction

There is no denying that trauma and addiction have a deep connection- they’re like a dysfunctional relationship that’s hard to let go of. Each fuels the other’s fire, and the longer the two go undealt with, the more they become ingrained in our lives. The

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How to Socialize for Sobriety & Success

“Your energy is the sum of the company you keep” The true quote goes something more like this: “you are the average of your five closest friends”,  and I don’t necessarily find that to be true. You can have a best friend or family member

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Tools for Relapse Prevention

Waking up day in and day out, many of us have lived with the playful concept that there is a right and wrong side of the bed to get out of. Rationally we know that the chances of fate being dependent upon which side of

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Rehab | Just Believe Recovery PA

The Link Between Bullying and Substance Abuse

Our existence is a Pandora’s box full of natural surprises that nobody can truly predict. Some like to believe there is a higher power that has a purpose for them while doing for them what they cannot not do for themselves. Others may hold onto

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Alcohol And Suicide | Just Believe Recovery PA
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Hitting Rock Bottom

Fear, a fun four lettered word that revolves around almost all rational and irrational cognitive aspects in our lives. Wikipedia defines the word as “a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic

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Substance Abuse Treatment | Just Believe Recovery PA
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How HIPAA Protects Those Going Into Treatment

Dr. Seuss, also known as Theodor Geisel, was a children’s author who often wrote in rhyming couplets to convey his message. In a story named ‘The Lorax’ he writes about a character that annals the predicament of the environment in a manner that “speaks for

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