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Just Believe Recovery believes in the ongoing support of those in recovery, and in providing public awareness and education! One important way we do this is through our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blog, power-packed with news, ideas, and recovery help!


Helping Somebody Close in Early Recovery

Relationships are a beautiful thing. Think about it. When two living beings can coexist and provide happiness to one another, how is it not? Whether it be a platonic relationship or that with a lover, the idea of two people with completely different genetic makeups

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Mental Illness and Addiction | Just Believe Recovery PA
Abused Substances

Top 3 Worst Addictions in the U.S

Chapped lips are the absolute worst. Have you ever had those awful splits that form on the corners of where your top and bottom lips meet? They begin healing and then every time you open your mouth too wide to eat or talk, they just

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Drug Addiction

Keeping Your Positivity in Sobriety

At some point in time we’ve all heard the expression, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. The chances that somebody was retorting said cliche to you after you had just gotten done complaining are pretty likely. But hey, everybody needs to complain

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Abused Substances

Why Should I Go to a Detox Instead of Quitting Cold Turkey?

John Lennon once sang, “Temperatures rising, fever is high, can’t see no future, can’t see no sky. Cold Turkey has got me on the run.” This was a hit single that the ex-Beatle dubbed “Cold Turkey”, and he wasn’t singing about a refrigerated deli sandwich.

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5 Factors of Relapse: Catch it Before it Happens

Life is a strange conundrum that guarantees certainty about nothing being guaranteed or certain. It’s kind of like an “Alice in Wonderland” type of oxymoron. “Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t,

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Depression and Anxiety | Just Believe Recovery PA
Healthy Living

Depression and Anxiety Home Remedies

15 Healthy Drinks By some estimates, as many as 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorder. Depression often occurs along with anxiety, and nearly half of people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Moreover, depression and anxiety often

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