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Just Believe Recovery believes in the ongoing support of those in recovery, and in providing public awareness and education! One important way we do this is through our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blog, power-packed with news, ideas, and recovery help!

Women and Alcohol | Just Believe Recovery PA

How Do You Heal After Alcoholic Relationship Problems?

Alcoholism is an addiction that impacts millions of individuals each year in the US alone, often leading to health and relationship issues in addition to employment struggles. If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol for the first time or if you are a recovering

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Alcohol Addiction

Does a Residential Drug Rehab Center Also Treat Alcoholics?

Alcoholism is a rampant and deadly disease that impacts millions of individuals in the US and around the world each day. Whether you have recently developed an addiction to alcohol or if you have struggled to overcome a strong addiction to alcohol throughout your entire

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Abused Substances

How to Socialize for Sobriety & Success

“Your energy is the sum of the company you keep” The true quote goes something more like this: “you are the average of your five closest friends”,  and I don’t necessarily find that to be true. You can have a best friend or family member

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Abused Substances

Tools for Relapse Prevention

Waking up day in and day out, many of us have lived with the playful concept that there is a right and wrong side of the bed to get out of. Rationally we know that the chances of fate being dependent upon which side of

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Drug Craving | Just Believe Recovery PA
Abused Substances

Practicing Healthy Routines in Sobriety

Practicing Healthy Routines in Sobriety   Everything we do usually has a beginning, middle, and an end, not just story hour. We all come into this world more or less the same way, sprouting out of a pod and becoming programmed. No? Okay, well not

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Rehab | Just Believe Recovery PA

What Do I Do After Rehab?

What Do I Do After Rehab? What do I do after rehab? The first immediate response that comes to mind is “don’t go back”. But to not go back means not making the same mistakes. To not make the same mistakes means not creating the

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