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Cocaine and Sex: Potential Consequences

Cocaine and Sex: Potential Consequences | Just Believe Recovery

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Due to cocaine’s stimulating properties, using the drug can significantly boost a person’s sex drive. Moreover, people who use cocaine often report an increased libido in addition to the more common cocaine effects, such as euphoria, confidence, and increased energy. Unfortunately, an increased desire for sexual intimacy related to the use of cocaine or other intoxicating substances can lead to impulsive and risky behaviors, poor decision-making, and other adverse consequences.

Euphoria and increased awareness, combined with enhanced sensory stimulation, are just some of the ways in which sex becomes more pleasurable and rewarding on cocaine. Additionally, a person under the influence of this drug often experienced increased energy and confidence. When this is combined with a higher sex drive, a person may be more likely to engage in sexual activity.

Individuals who use cocaine have reported that sex on cocaine lasts longer and that orgasms are more intense. These positive symptoms tend to subside rapidly, as do the other desirable effects of cocaine, and for this reason, many people abuse the drug in a binge-like pattern. This behavior can lead to many other negative consequences, including dependence, overdose, and addiction.

Unsafe Sex And Cocaine

Impulsivity is a potential effect of cocaine, and concerning sexual activity, research has shown that individuals high on cocaine are less likely to use a condom than those who are not unless the condom is immediately available.

Over a prolonged period, high levels of cocaine can result in a person being unable to satisfy sexual desire, leading to unsafe sexual activities, having multiple partners during a single sexual episode, and hypersexuality.

Sexual Assault And Cocaine

Obtaining consent or assuming perceived approval can be a problem when a person is under the influence of cocaine. The impulsivity and sexual desire connected to cocaine use can interfere with the judgment of a person seeking sexual activity.

If both partners are high on cocaine or other substances, engaging in sex may be considered illegal in the eyes of the law. This can occur because neither party can genuinely give consent to sexual intercourse while they are intoxicated.

Rough Sex and Cocaine

Cocaine numbs the body and relieves pain, and this effect can be dangerous when combined with sexual activity. A person may not even realize they are too aggressive or rough due to the analgesic nature of cocaine.

Rough sex can increase the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, especially if there is no condom, any delicate membranes tear, or blood or other bodily fluids are present.

Sexual Dysfunction and Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine and Sex: Potential Consequences | Just Believe Recovery

While cocaine often increases sex drive in the short-term, cocaine use in the long-term often results in sexual dysfunction. Many males find it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection, while women struggle with lubrication and reaching orgasm.

A common perception is that cocaine will heighten and prolong orgasmic activity. Initially, this may have some truth, but the opposite occurs when cocaine is used over the long term. A chronic cocaine user can begin to struggle to achieve reach orgasm, resulting in increased sexual frustration.

Additionally, because cocaine has been linked to erectile and other sexual dysfunction in men and women, achieving orgasm may eventually become nearly impossible.

Cocaine, Sex, and Women

Women who engage in sex while high on cocaine are at risk for STIs, unsafe sex, unwanted pregnancy, and fertility. Cocaine use can alter a woman’s menstrual cycle, stop ovulation, and damage the fallopian tubes, leading to complete infertility. Permanent changes to hormones due to cocaine abuse can also cause problems with conception.

Cocaine abuse during pregnancy can induce seizures, migraines, premature birth, and in some instances, the placenta can detach from the uterine wall (placental abruption). Stillbirths and miscarriages occur at higher rates among women who abuse cocaine while pregnant.

Cocaine use has also been associated with a lower sperm count in men, in addition to priapism (prolonged erection). Both of these can lead to fertility issues and increase the need for medical intervention in some cases.

Overall, there are considerable risk factors associated with cocaine use and sex. Unwanted pregnancies, STIs, the potential for sexual assault and legal issues are just some of the possible adverse consequences of sex and cocaine.

Cocaine Abuse and Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one has been using cocaine during sex, it could indicate a cocaine abuse or addiction problem. Comprehensive, personalized substance abuse treatment programs, such as those offered by Just Believe Recovery, are equipped to help individuals struggling with cocaine addiction.

Once detox is completed, a person is urged to continue into an inpatient program that includes methods vital for the process of recovery, including psychotherapy, counseling, group support, relapse prevention, aftercare planning, and more.

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