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Common Symptoms Of Addiction

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Addiction is not ordinarily a condition that develops overnight. Often times, drug usage begins in a purely recreational manner, but as time moves on, the consistent, ongoing usage gradually creates dependency and addiction. The individual might find that they must continue using the drug in question even though it is negatively impacting their health, relationships, finances, work life, and safety. After all, this is one of the most obvious signs of addiction.

If you’re reading this, you may have been questioning yourself up to this point over whether you or a loved one is struggling with addiction. Sometimes, the answer is not clear-cut or easy to be seen. This is especially true for those who are at the epicenter of the addiction, such as an addict and his/her loved ones.

There are a multitude of common signs and symptoms caused by dependencies on countless substances. Sometimes, you might not even be aware you’re exhibiting some of these behaviors without perspective. If you find that you identify with at least a few of these symptoms, you might be struggling with addiction.

Common Symptoms of Addiction

  • Strong urges to use the drug in question regularly. You can’t seemingly go for longer than a number of hours without the drug (or a “fix”), and you would do just about anything to ensure you have access to the substance.
  • Requiring larger quantities of the drug to feel satisfied. As drug usage goes on, the body develops a tolerance level to it. A dosage that may have been enough in the beginning might not have any effect now.
  • Making sure you have access to the drug, regardless of cost. Many times, addicts will come to a crossroads where they run out of money to support their drug usage, yet their dependency is still alive and well. At this point, most will take unusual measures to obtain the drug, such as stealing, lying, extorting, etc.
  • Spending lots of time arranging to obtain the drug. Likewise, you might also find you’re spending an abnormal amount of time dealing with withdrawal symptoms.
  • Significant changes in behavior. You might notice that you’re not as involved as you once were with your family and friends, or you’re not as reliable as you were in the past. Personal responsibilities are being ignored or disregarded, and you have become more secluded and isolated from social situations.
  • Changes in physical appearance. You’re losing/gaining weight seemingly without trying, and sores have appeared on your extremities and/or face. Dental issues are cropping up, and your overall physical appearance has noticeably gotten worse. Your personal care and hygiene takes a toll, and you might find that you don’t even think of showering for days a time.
  • Altered or erratic sleep patterns. You might find that you’re either sleeping too much or too little. In some cases, you might find that you’re able to stay awake for multiple days at a time.
  • Failed efforts to cease usage of the drug. You might realize that the drug has full control of your life, and with that realization, you may have attempted to stop using it. Despite the obvious need to part ways with the drug, you can’t stop thinking about it or using it. Additionally, you experience withdrawal symptoms that worsen the longer you go without a fix.

How to Know When Rehab is the Next Step

Even if you identified with many of the signs and symptoms of addiction, you still might feel unsure about whether or not you need a rehab center. Commonly, people feel as if they don’t need help, or that they simply can’t be helped. This belief is reinforced when they try many times to stop using drugs on their own terms, with no success. When a relapse occurs, it’s perfectly natural to feel defeated, discouraged, and upset. Furthermore, the risk of relapse is high when attempting the cessation of drug usage without professional help.

This is why it is recommended on an imperative level that anyone with an addiction problem seeks help from professionals. Addiction is a complex, multi-faceted condition that must be treated and challenged in a certain, personalized manner.

At Just Believe Recovery Center, there are a number of treatment options and styles designed to fit your needs and situation. There is no personal situation “too far gone” or complex that we can’t address. From the moment of intake, an in-depth evaluation is conducted to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Medical Detox

Once treatment begins, you will first undergo medical detox which is our personalized method to help you safely and comfortably rid the body of the drug. This process also heavily reduces the risk of medical issues and relapse.

Inpatient Treatment

In this particular program, patients live on the premises as they progress through their course of treatment after detox. Depending on the patient’s individual situation, a personalized course of treatment will be designed and implemented. Treatment can and might include group therapy, counseling in a one-on-one fashion, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), lectures, the 12 step program, and more.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment or the PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) is a more lax form of treatment designed to allow patients to commute to their program. The level of supervision is lower than that of the inpatient treatment program. Treatment services last under six hours each day, five days a week. Patients can take advantage of group therapy, one-on-one therapy, recreational activities, daily programming, and other activities.

In all treatment types, patients will have access to nutritional guidance, group activities, medication management, fitness activities, chiropractic care, trauma therapy, and resources/therapy for friend and family.

Your Next Steps

We strongly believe anyone can overcome addiction, regardless of their personal situation. There is no person who is beyond the point of being helped. Take your first step on the journey that will change your life forever by calling us at 888-380-0342. Even if you’re still unsure, we can help educate you on what recovery can look like. Call us today to change your life for the better.

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