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Pennsylvania Parents Share Daughter’s Poem About Struggles With Heroin Addiction In Obituary

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Pennsylvania Parents Share Daughter’s Poem About Struggles With Heroin Addiction In Obituary

The parents of a Pennsylvania woman, Delaney Marie Farrell, 23, of Selinsgrove shared their daughter’s poem about her battle with drug addiction in her obituary. According to WNEP, she was found deceased in a Red Roof Inn bathroom in Williamsport.

The woman died July 1, five years after first using heroin when she was introduced to it at a party, a drug whom her parents say she did not know what it was.

Her father, Brian Farrell:

“They don’t say here’s heroin, they say try sniffing some of this dust. They sniff it a few times and the second or third time they do it they want more.”

At the time of her death, Delaney was staying at a halfway house in Williamsport. Her parents stated that they thought she was doing better.

Delaney’s parent’s described her as funny, and some who loved to make jokes. From the obit:

“Delaney would also write in her journals or on just random pieces of paper; some were private but some she would share.”

The included poem was one Delaney sent to her sister about her struggles with heroin. She penned:

“Funny, I don’t remember no good dope days. I remember walking for miles in a dope fiend haze.”

She went to describe things she remembered, such as her sisters crying and her father forced to break down the door. Also, “shooting up in the bathroom and falling out at the park.” She recalled guilt over using the drug, remembering pain and destruction.

At the end she wrote:

“I remember constantly obsessing over my next score but what I remember most is getting down on my knees and asking God to save me cuz I don’t want to do this no more !!!”

Her mother, Bridget Farrel, spoke to WNEP and said that she wanted to share the poem to help others who are going through the same struggles:

“If it could help even just one person it would be worth it. What do you think she would have said? She definitely would have wanted me to do it.”

You can read the full obituary and poem here.

~ G. Nathalee Serrels, M.A., Psychology

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