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Do Detox Centers in PA Use Suboxone?

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Suboxone is referred to as a replacement drug. It may be given to someone who is going through treatment for an addiction to opioids such as Vicodin, oxycontin and fentanyl along with others. Suboxone is designed to reduce the sickness and discomfort connected with detoxing from drugs. It can also decrease a person’s cravings for opioids. If you or a relative is suffering from addiction to drugs, you may wonder if the detox center you want to go to in Pennsylvania uses suboxone. Learn the answer to this question and discover some other facts about the use of Suboxone.


Do All Detox Centers in PA Use Suboxone?

The answer to this question is it depends on the detox center. Treatment centers in PA that use Suboxone in the detox process will include that fact in the details outlining their treatment process. Treatment centers will also highlight therapies, recreation facilities, accommodations and other details that make the facility unique from all the others. Suboxone is an FDA approved drug, so there are many detox centers throughout Pennsylvania that choose to utilize it when helping their clients through treatment. If you have any questions about who provides the Suboxone, how much is given or any other questions, it’s best to contact the treatment center to find the answers you’re looking for.


What is Involved in Addiction Recovery Besides Suboxone?

Suboxone is helpful to some people who are recovering from addiction to drugs. But, there many other things involved in a full recovery. One of those things is the detox process. When you first arrive at a drug treatment center, you will detox to get any drugs and alcohol out of your system. This is where Suboxone can prove very useful. In order to begin to solve issues and address the struggles in your life, you need to be free of any substances that prevent you from thinking clearly. Detox is necessary before any healing can start to take place in your life.

An individualized treatment plan is an important part of a successful recovery. Getting an individualized treatment plan means you are evaluated by addiction specialists who create a treatment plan based on your specific issues and needs. For instance, you may require a dual-diagnosis. This is when you are diagnosed with a condition along with your drug addiction. Some examples of these conditions are depression, bi-polar disorder and anxiety. It’s important to make a dual-diagnosis because one condition can lead to or feed upon, the other. So, getting to the reasons behind a client’s depression or anxiety can contribute to their recovery from drug addiction. Not surprisingly, depression or anxiety can lead to an addiction to drugs or alcohol as a way to relieve the pain.

Another important element involved in your recovery from drug addiction is therapy. Therapy in a treatment center can be done one-on-one with an addiction specialist. During therapy, you discuss your struggles and relationships with an experienced addiction specialist. In addition to one-on-one therapy, you are likely to participate in group therapy sessions. So, instead of having a back and forth discussion with your addiction specialist, you are helped by others in the group who can empathize with your struggles. Sometimes a client who is further down the road to recovery than you can be very helpful as you navigate your way back to a sober life.

Aftercare is another important element in your full recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Aftercare can involve a weekly call from your addiction specialist to see how you’re doing once you leave the detox center. Or, aftercare can take the form of outpatient therapy sessions for a certain period of time while you adjust to your new, sober life outside the detox facility. Aftercare is a way of letting you know you are not alone in your struggles. You still have the support, guidance and encouragement of the addiction specialists who helped you through recovery while you were in the detox center.


Benefits of Using Suboxone

Suboxone is used in drug treatment centers because it has a variety of benefits. One of the main benefits is Suboxone reduces the nausea, vomiting, sweating and other symptoms that come along with withdrawal from opioids and other drugs. Fear of withdrawal symptoms is one of the reasons why many people hesitate to go into detox. So, Suboxone can prompt some people to enter treatment who may not have otherwise.

A second large benefit of using suboxone during treatment is this drug reduces the craving for opioids. So, while you are uncovering the reasons behind your addiction, you are not experiencing intense cravings for drugs that can interfere with your progress toward recovery. The decrease in cravings also gives you the opportunity to focus on building your strength both physically and mentally.

Suboxone use is monitored by a medical doctor or addiction specialist. This means that the amount of times you take the drug as well as the dosage you take are controlled. Once you reach the point where you don’t need Suboxone in your treatment plan, the doctor or addiction specialist you’re working with can gradually lower your dosage, so your body has a chance to adjust to daily life without the drug.

Other benefits of using Suboxone:

  • Since 2003, Suboxone has been a proven aid to people in treatment for drug addiction.
  • The success a person has while on Suboxone can prompt them to continue on the path toward a full recovery.
  • Suboxone provides help to people through detox which is one of the toughest parts of recovery.
  • Taking Suboxone can prompt a person to stay away from illicit drugs.

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