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Detoxing from Home is Dangerous

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America right now has an opioid epidemic at large, can find booze on almost any corner, and marijuana is slowly legalizing. It’s kind of astounding to look at the intoxicated world we live in. Most of the U.S. isn’t far off from “The Wolf of Wall Street” wherein he explains that an upper is taken to wake up, a downer to balance that out, another substance or two to get through the day, etc. We all want to drift away on a pink cloud, until reality hits of course. Addiction often generates itself in this process, and before you know it the pink cloud has popped and it’s a long fall back to the ground.

Typically most substances are glorified as having fun, that’s what hooks a person in the first place. Addicts/alcoholics associate them with partying and the good times. Unfortunately many are oblivious to this alcoholic thinking until after the substances have consumed them and detoxification is needed. What a sinister double edged word- detoxification. Kind of sounds like nails dragging down a chalkboard. However, as menacing as it sounds, it’s a word that becomes a necessity if most of us want to resume life from the hypnotization that is alcoholic thinking.

Detox is the beginning to recovery. It is a means to an end. It’s about shedding the weight that the substances have pounded on mentally and physically, but by doing so in the correct way. Many end up detoxing part way to then relapse, then detoxing part way to just relapse again. It’s an ugly revolving door cycle from half-assed attempts of detoxing from home. Detoxing from home is dangerous, grueling, and unfavorable- for lack of uglier terms. Detoxing from a professional facility is always recommended. This process is not something that can be half assed, you have to put in 101%.


Detoxing from Danger

Detoxing from home is dangerous and a sure fire way of making a difficult process even more arduous, Only undesired results are usually produced. Choosing the right institution instead of detoxing from home can seem like torture but it’s more so fear that gives the idea power. Most addicts and alcoholics will avoid detox from fear of discomfort, but this fear is only immortalized through withdrawals that have been experienced outside of medical help. Some of those uncomfortable, but familiar symptoms usually involve:

  • Cold Chills
  • Hot Flashes
  • Exaggerated Perspiration
  • Vomiting/Nausea
  • Diarrhea/Constipation
  • Achy Bones/Joints

Yes, nothing more than overall discomfort to be expected. Even with the brashness of those symptoms, there’s so much remark-ability getting through it. It’s a rebirth of potential overflowing past the brink of ambition. Addicts are hardy, buoyant people that know how to survive through struggle. Yet at the same time, there is no reason to make any struggle more laborious than it needs to be. Detoxing from home is dangerous enough as is.


Home is NOT Where the Heart is

Detox only becomes a necessity in life once dependence has transpired. Once an addict’s life gets to the point of needing to hit the reset button, it would be fair to say that they did it to themselves. They didn’t ask to be cursed with the disease of alcoholism, but it’s still the culmination of their bad decisions that got them there. For most non addicts, they have a hard time to find sympathy in this. Every choice we make lies within in our power, but what about when you have something wrong with you that influences discarded dreams and bad decisions.

Addiction creates a voice in the back of our heads and whispers chaotic nothings into your ears. Detoxing from home is dangerous and exactly what your addiction wants. As strange as it may seem, this disease knows your chances of detoxing at home are likely to fail. Before you know it, there’s the subconscious thought that if this doesn’t work out you can always go back to getting loaded. If our best decisions lead us to this point, why would we continue to trust ourselves? Shouldn’t we listen slightly to what somebody else has to say? Especially those that have made it to the other side of this disease…

Dependency will take control of any good addict and convince them of certainty behind their irrational decisions. You see, it’s imperative to keep in mind that alcoholism is a double agent disease that will convince its host that good things are happening while they continually harm themselves. It’s truly a disease of mental blunder.  


Dirty Body, Dirty House

Detoxing from home is dangerous not only because of the temptations but also because of the lack of medical staff. When the detoxing commences, our bodies are depleted. Sometimes patients at a facility will be hooked up and monitored on an IV because of the level of dehydration. Other times patients at a proper detox may need their vitals taken regularly to check on their blood pressure amongst other heart related complications. Sticking to hearty foods will also encourage healthy brain functioning. Most of this is something that would never happen when detoxing from home.

The beginnings of any good recovery start with help from others: help detoxing, help with fellowship, and help with the steps. It’s all about help. A proper detox versus detoxing from home will help to push a sober agenda onto the resistant thoughts of alcoholic thinking. Most of us who wind up here can’t fathom how it happened, but also hope and pray it never comes about again. Help yourself by doing this thing right and avoid it ever taking place again.  


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