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Do Any Rehabs in PA Treat Transgender People?

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Transgender people have to frequently investigate different medical facilities, mental health services, and even rehabs to make sure they are safe spaces. Although the world is becoming more progressive and inclusive, finding an LGBTQ+ rehab can still be a challenge for some people depending on their location.

Extremely conservative states and communities may cause many transgender people to still present as their assigned gender, which causes extreme mental and emotional discomfort and can fuel a person’s dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Transgender people face unique struggles and challenges alongside addiction. Finding a rehab that offers services that address both their mental health and substance abuse is essential to recovery.

Transgender Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Due to stigma, people who identify as transgender are at a higher risk of experiencing mental health problems including depression. Addiction, which is clinically known as substance use disorder, is frequently diagnosed alongside a mental illness.

When a mental illness and substance abuse happen at the same time, they’re known as “occurring.” Co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder require specialized treatment. Transgender individuals need to feel safe, respected and valid at their rehab. The last thing they need is for an unskilled and insensitive staff to treat their gender identity as a problem.

Being transgender is not a mental illness, and an LGBTQ+ rehab will never treat you as such. In fact, most PA rehabs are highly inclusive and only want to make sure that your emotional and mental wellbeing are taken care of.

Why Transgender Rehab Matters

People who identify as transgender grow up fearing judgment, discrimination and even violence from others. Many trans men and women have been mistreated by doctors and other healthcare professionals in the past, so they may fear addiction counselors and rehab even when they desperately need treatment.

If you’re transgender, you’re no stranger to stigma, and you probably don’t want to add on to the weight you already carry by getting treatment for substance abuse. But part of defeating the stigma around addiction is getting help. Too many people suffer in silence for years because they are afraid of what others will think.

Your health matters more than anyone’s opinion. At an LGBTQ+-oriented rehab, you will always be accepted as you are. Your well-being is the number one priority of the staff, and they will work round-the-clock to help you overcome addiction. No one will try to change you, “fix” you or view you as an outsider.

In fact, there are often many support groups for transgender people at an LGBTQ+ rehab that can make you feel understood for the first time in your life.

Transgender Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

In addition to substance abuse treatment, therapy in transgender rehab may include ways to confront topics relevant to the trans community such as:

  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Discrimination
  • Coming out
  • Dealing with rejection from family and friends
  • Coping with depression and anxiety

Transgender people often fear judgment, harassment and discrimination from family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. A transgender-friendly rehab will incorporate all of the traditional addiction treatment strategies along with trans-specific care.

Starting with detoxification, you will be weaned off addictive substances. Depending on the drug, you may be prescribed medication that weakens cravings and soothes withdrawal symptoms. In an inpatient program, you will have 24-hour supervision and always have access to help.

Outpatient rehabs do not offer 24-hour services, but there are intensive outpatient programs called IOPs that offer greater resources and longer periods of treatment throughout the day.

As with any rehab, a transgender drug and alcohol treatment program will protect your identity and treat everything as confidential under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Finding Transgender Rehab in Pennsylvania

We can help connect you with LGBTQ+ and transgender drug and alcohol rehabs in your area. Our facility in Carbondale, PA, that provides addiction treatment for everyone and understands the unique struggles faced by people in the transgender community.

Our representatives are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week to help answer your questions about rehab and recovery. Call us today at 888-380-0342 and learn more about how we can help you.

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