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Do Detox Centers Let You Bring Things Like Cell Phones And Cigarettes?

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Deciding to take the right step and check yourself into a recovery center is not an easy task. But once you do, it is going to change your life forever. There are a few things you have to take into consideration when you are going to move into a recovery center. You are allowed to bring some personal items that enable you to be comfortable in the center.

However, your items should fit in one carry-on size bag, maybe except for a favorite pillow or blanket. There are strict rules and policies in all detox centers about what you should and what you should not bring with you. Each center has a list of what you should bring, that is the necessities, but each center has different policies on any extra items that you would like to carry.

Check In Process

Once you get in the center, most likely you will be taken to start the admissions process. While you are there, the admission’s team will go through your belongings to make sure you are not carrying any prohibited items as well as to ensure your safety and those around you are not endangered.

Some centers will note down the items you bring with you. Mostly it is to ensure you are not going to leave anything behind when you leave the center or by mistake depart with someone else’s belongings.

Below are the recommended items most detox centers will allow you to carry if you are staying with them for a long time.

Items to Bring to the Center With You

A list of the addresses, phone numbers, and names of all the people you would like to be involved in your treatment. The record is significant as the center would be able to contact them in case of any issues or to inform them of visiting days or if you would like a support system after a tough session.

Personal hygiene products are okay, as long as they do not contain any alcohol. You need to be careful when shopping for shower gel or shampoo, make sure you read the contents to avoid any products that have alcohol in them.

Jewelry that you can wear on a daily occasion. An example would be a watch or wedding bands. Otherwise, any other valuable item you own should be left at home.

Medication, if you are taking any. The only way you will be allowed to have prescription medicine with you is if it is in the original bottle that you were prescribed in with the original label. The label should contain the doctor’s name, the name of the medication you are taking, and the dosage schedule. If you have any liquid medicines, make sure it is new and sealed. Carry with you a list of all your medications and dosages.

A small amount of cash, maybe $50 to $100, but they should be in lower bills. The money comes in handy when you will need to use the vending machines, make store runs and the like.

A calling card, though it is not a must, if you are planning to make long distance calls, the facility will require your calling card for that purpose.

If you want to write and mail letters, you can carry a notebook or journal as well as stamps and envelopes.

In case you are an avid reader, you are allowed to carry self-help, recovery, or spiritual books. If you do not own any of the kind but want to read, the facility you choose has books that you can borrow. Paperbacks are easier to carry around than hardcovers, try and remember that.

Picture identification is a requirement, do don’t forget that.


When it comes to clothes, each facility has a different set of rules that apply when it comes to clothes. For the most part, each facility states you can have appropriate clothing for 5 to 7 days. Some facilities have a dress code that has to be adhered to. Hence, you should know before you pack your clothes.

In case you are unsure of what sort of clothes to carry, pack layering options such as t-shirts, jackets, and sweaters. Do not overpack, keep in mind your room space might not be that big.

Comfortable clothes that you are allowed to carry include comfy shoes such as slippers, sandals, or tennis shoes.

Pants, shorts (that are of a certain length, all depending on your center’s dress code), a few dressy outfits, undergarments, socks, pajamas, bathing suit if you have a swimming pool or hot tub. Bathrobe, hat, and belt (but some detox centers will not allow you to carry a belt for safety reasons.)

Are You Allowed To Bring Cigarettes Or Cell Phones?

This is a huge no when it comes to cell phones. Most detox centers will allow you to have an Mp3 player with headphones, but no cell phones. If you are a smoker, some centers will let you carry enough cigarettes that will last you a week, or they provide some cigarettes for you.

There are several items you are not allowed to bring with you to the center, make sure you note them, and if you have any questions, ask the admission’s team.

Things Not To Bring To A Recovery Center

Colognes or body sprays. These items are not allowed as some of the other patients might be sensitive to some of the products you use.

Inappropriate clothing such as revealing bathing suits, clothes that depict sales, or use of drugs, or alcohol. Inappropriate materials that are detrimental to your recoveries such as magazines, DVDs, or videotapes are not allowed in the center.

Pets, soft drinks containing sugar, weapons, automobiles, Butane lighter or any inflammable liquids. Cameras or any devices that include a camera, computers or electronic devices that connect to the internet, or power strips.

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