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Do I Need the Best Drug Rehab to Get Better, Or Will Any Program Do?

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If you’re scouting out drug rehab programs, you’ll have a lot of options to consider. Going through all these can be overwhelming, and you might wonder if a program is one that will work for you. Given how complicated addiction treatment can be, you’re definitely wise to take your time before settling on a program. This is what to consider when finding drug rehab.

“The Best” is Subjective

Everyone has different experiences with drug rehab, and not all programs work the same for each person. A program that has a major rate of success might not be able to offer what you need. There are basic qualities that should be present in any facility, such as cleanliness, mental health treatment, and recreation, but the best rehab facility is the one that’s right for you. Go through websites and brochures for different rehabs and see how they could each meet your needs. Write out a list of qualities you want your rehab program to have, in descending order of importance. As long as you can find one that comes close to matching your main needs, you should be good. Participate in online discussions about facilities and see how convincing various arguments are. Keep yourself on-guard for any claims that seem too good to be true or any high-pressure tactics that try to get you to enroll in a program before you really get to know what it’s all about.

Work Within Your Means

Some people are able to enroll inexpensive, long-term, inpatient programs, but others need something more affordable and flexible. Before committing to a rehab, determine whether it’ll conflict with your schedule in any large way. Don’t get the idea that participating in an out-patient program means you’re not taking your rehabilitation seriously. You should never be made to feel bad because of how you’re addressing your addiction. If you put your mind to it and really care about your success, it shouldn’t matter what kind of a program you’re enrolled in. Should you find success with a short-term program but decide that there are issues that require further treatment, you may choose to enroll in a long-term program. There is no maximum/minimum amount of time that you need to be in rehab, but it’s good to not let yourself rush through anything.

Find an Established Program

All rehabs need some time to establish their reputation. If you’re dealing with a very intense addiction, you’ll probably want to enroll in a program at a rehab that has been around for at least a few years. Newer rehabs can be good, but if you a chance to choose a program, you’d be better off with one that’s accumulated a solid history of positive testimonials. You also want to make sure that any program you choose is up-to-date on new treatment methods. Depending on your background, you might want to find a rehab program that’s able to focus on addiction and how it relates to things like race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Trauma isn’t the only reason behind addiction, but it can definitely be a large part of it.

Staff Matters

The staff at a rehab program might not all have personal experience with addiction, but they should still be able to work with patients and show sympathy. Any rehab that has a reputation for indifferent or callous staff is not one you want to best part of. Staff must be held accountable and follow all safety procedures. A rehab should also never tolerate inappropriate conduct from any staff member, regardless of their position or how long they’ve been there. Look for information regarding any scandals that may have occurred at the facility.

It Comes Down to You

Enrolling in a rehab program doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be free of your addiction. Even if it’s the best program with a huge rate of success, that success is only possible if patients are willing and wanting to let go of their addiction. Before you come to a rehab program, you need to assess just how strongly you feel about your desire to get sober. Once you’ve confirmed that you want to get clean, you need to accept that it won’t necessarily be easy. Think about possible obstacles you’ll need to deal with and what your solutions could be. Don’t go in with the expectation of perfection, as that can just end up causing self-criticism and anxiety. Looking for drug rehab shows that you’re ready to move on from addiction and into a start of health and clarity. You or your loved ones can be helped by getting in touch with us and discussing treatment options. Please give us a call today at 888-380-0342.

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