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Do Pennsylvania Rehabs Let People Use Outside Amenities?

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Your recovery requires a personalized treatment plan that helps you build a strong foundation for your new life that prevents relapse. Now that you’ve made the decision to enter a Pennsylvania rehab, one of your biggest concerns may be whether or not you can maintain important aspects of your current lifestyle. For example, you may be worried about being able to attend church services, or you may fear falling off track with your workout regimen. For some people, just being able to know that they can leave the rehab center anytime to perform an activity is important for maintaining a sense of independence.

Our drug addiction treatment team understands your concerns, which is why you have several options for being able to access outside amenities during your stay. As you review our current policies on spending time outside of the center, keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different. Your level of addiction, current lifestyle needs and mental health are just a few factors that we consider when we make recommendations regarding your treatment program.

When Can I Use Outside Amenities During My Treatment?

Many people enter the treatment center with physical dependencies upon chemicals that requires medically-assisted detox. During this type of treatment, it is usually recommended that you stay within the center. This is simply designed to give you confidence that your symptoms are being monitored, and staying at the rehab allows you to quickly access help if you need it to stay strong in the face of cravings. Fortunately, this critical period of your recovery only lasts a few days to a week or two. After the detox process is over, you may feel well enough to begin exploring your next level of treatment.

In most cases, you will be recommended to plan for a residential stay at the rehab. During a residential treatment program, you remain at the center for the majority of the day and you will have a semi-private or private room to sleep in at night. The benefits of staying in a residential program are that you will be able to take a step away from the stresses of your normal life, and you have access to someone who can help you at any hour of the day or night. During a residential stay, you typically do not need many outside amenities since our facility is designed to meet the majority of your needs.

What Types of Amenities are Available in a Pennsylvania Rehab?

People are often amazed at the amenities that are available in a Pennsylvania rehab. First, you will be happy to know that meals are carefully planned to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to heal, and a highly trained chef that knows how to make your food appetizing and delicious prepares each of your meals. We also have a gym that is equipped with workout equipment that allows you to stay in shape, and you can even begin a new exercise routine if you haven’t been doing one in the past.

Our services also include amenities that allow you to connect with your friends and family members. Although we strongly suggest avoiding contact with people that you did drugs or drank with in the past, we believe that you need support from your sober family and friends to be successful in the program. For this reason, we encourage regular phone calls as well as visits that allow you to stay connected to the people that you love.

We’ve also designed our therapy programs to provide you with entertainment and recreation while also working through the underlying issues for your addiction. For instance, people often love to spend time in our art program where they engage in creative self-expression that allows them to get out their negative emotions. Alternatively, you may prefer to spend time in guided meditation or enjoy a therapeutic massage that benefits your mind and body. With so many amenities available inside the treatment center, you may find that you do not have a need to go outside until you are ready to transition out of the program.

How Do Partial Hospitalization Programs Work?

We recognize that even with our variety of services, some people still require access to amenities within the community that we cannot provide. For instance, you may need to attend school or work training programs that help you enjoy success in sobriety. Alternatively, you may already have a career that you cannot manage to keep if you enroll in a residential stay. Since meeting your needs is important for your recovery, we have several outpatient programs that allow you to receive addiction counseling while still being able to leave the treatment center every day.

In our partial hospitalization program, you will visit the treatment center five days a week and spend approximately six hours each day in our care. During this time, you receive intensive counseling and therapy sessions that allow you to learn ways to manage your addiction. A few of the services that you can receive in our outpatient program include the following:

• Trauma care and counseling
• Family therapy
• Biosound therapy
• Arts and recreational opportunities
• Group and individual counseling sessions

We also offer an intensive outpatient program that is the least restrictive of all of our options. While this program is ideal for those who are ending their residential stay, you may also be a candidate for this treatment if you are recovering from a relapse and already familiar with strategies that help you manage your addiction. During this program, you come to the center for three days a week for three hours at a time. This gives you more of an opportunity to access outside amenities such as religious centers that can enhance your recovery experience.

Do you have special concerns about your stay in our drug treatment center? Give our counselors a call today so that we can help you plan a successful recovery. We are always available at 888-380-0342 to answer your questions.

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