The 5 Most Dangerous Drug Cartels

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The 5 Most Dangerous Drug Cartels

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard a lot bad press about Mexico and its drug cartels. The truth is, unless you go into the bowels of one of the boarder cities, you are unlikely to run across any cartels.

For example, in the Yucatan Peninsula, the borders are heavily policed and officers are very, very visible. Not even the most brazen drug cartels would dare venture near a truck full of police with assault rifles.

The Guadalajara Cartel

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo is considered to be the founding father of the Mexico’s cocaine cartels. And indeed was known as “The Godfather” for a reason.

The cartel appeared during the 1980s and quickly began profiting from Columbia’s cocaine trade. Miguel was notoriously elusive, and was only one of a few of the cartel’s bosses who was able to evade capture for many years.

Still, he was convicted in 1989 of a murder involving an agent in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. He is currently serving a 40-year sentence in a maximum security prison. He could be eligible for parole around 2029, He would be approximately 84 years old.

The Guadalajara Cartel

This cartel was formed when the Guadalajara cartel fell apart upon the arrest of Gallardo. The new cartel had no intention of fooling around, and the new drug lord Joaquin Guzman had no intention of staying in prison.

Guzmen was arrested in 1993, and in 2001 he successfully bribed officials and escaped from prison. He was captured again in 2014, escaped again, and is currently Mexico’s most wanted man..

Between 2009-2011, Forbes magazine listed Guzman as one of the most powerful people in the world, having a net worth of around $1 billion.

The Sinoloa Cartel is in constant war with the Juarez, battling for control of the drug trade and trafficking routes. Loss of life during this war is estimated at about 12,000 lives.

The Tijuana Cartel

In the 1990s-Early 2000s, the Tijuana Cartel flourished. Considered to be one of the biggest and most violent drug cartels, Gallardo’s nephew. were responsible for this new cartel when Guadalajara cartel split.

It has since declined in terms of membership and revenue, due to murders and arrest. However, Gallargo’s relatives have managed to kept to keep going despite the losses.

The Juárez Cartel

As noted about, the Juarez cartel has been warring with the Sinoloa cartel for years. They currently control main entry locations in El Paso, Texas. This cartel, too, is worth billion of dollars.

Although it has suffered massive casualties, Juarez still has the ability to strike fear in the hearts of enemies and the general public alike. Two gangs operate this cartel, routinely decapitating rivals and leaving corpses in areas to be shockingly discovered. The message this sends to enemies it not lost on anyone.

The Gulf Cartel

This kindly bunch of gentlemen represent one of the oldest and well-established crime syndicates in Mexico. When they are not focused on drug trafficking, they are likely engaged in other vicious criminal activities such as kidnapping and murder

The Gulf cartel peaked in the late 1990s, thanks in part to obtaining a private army. However, the partnership ended in 2010. While many of the cartel’s major players have been apprehended, drug routes to the U.S. formed by this cartel are active today.

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