Dry Counties in the U.S.

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Dry Counties in the United States

Alcohol has been legal to produce, distribute, and purchase since prohibition ended in 1933. Most states, however, allow local communities to ban the manufacture and sale of alcohol. Of these, three states are dry by default, meaning that individual localities must have specific legislature permitting alcohol. These are Tennessee, Kansas, and Mississippi. So if you are looking to live among the alcohol-free, these communities might be for you.

The remaining 17 states prohibit local communities from enacting legislation which trumps state law regarding policies on alcohol and liquor.

States with the Most Dry Counties

The following states have the most dry counties. In addition, others have legislature which prohibit the sale of alcohol on Sundays or other various restrictions.


Kentucky has 120 counties, of which 38 are dry. An additional 59 include special restrictions on the sale of alcohol.


Thirty-five out of 75 counties in Arkansas are considered dry. Statewide, most ban the sale of alcohol on Sundays, although some allow for packaged beer and wine. Also, microbreweries are allowed to sell carry-out growlers, even on Christmas. There are also cities and municipalities in Arkansas that are technically dry despite existing in counties where alcohol is generally permitted.


Eleven of the 254 counties in Texas are totally dry. Of the remaining, 194 are considered partially dry. Most of the completely wet counties in Texas are located near the Mexican-American border. Many of the “moist” counties, or those with special restrictions, have differing laws which can be confusing for those wishing to drink.


Tennessee has 9 dry counties, the most interesting of which is the city Lynchburg and Moore County, which just happen to be location of the Jack Daniels distillery.


There are only three dry counties in Florida. These include Liberty and Washington in the Panhandle, as well as Lafayette.

Many more states have dry cities and municipalities, but aside from those discussed, there are only a few other dry counties in the U.S.

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