Prior to your arrival, please make sure that you have packed the following items:

    • Driver’s License, Passport or other valid government-issued ID
    • Emergency contact information, including numbers of primary care physician, legal advisors (if necessary) and friends/relatives
    • Insurance cards and prescriptions


We encourage to bring “Cash” to buy any necessary items while here (toiletries, cigarettes, and similar items that may need to be replaced during your stay) Family members can call in to add money to your “account”. All Cash will be kept in a secure location for your use.


  • Clothing*
    • Casual attire
    • Church attire (if applicable)
    • Workout attire
  • Toiletries (no alcohol-based products permitted to enter the premises)
  • Corrective lenses (glasses/contacts) and necessary accessories
  • Postage stamps to mail letters and cards


*Revealing clothing or clothing that alludes to or endorses drugs, violence or sex is strictly prohibited. A list of suggested attire, including relevant restrictions, follows: Comfortable clothes (casual tops and t-shirts), shorts of appropriate length, jeans, sweatpants, bathing suit (revealing bikinis are prohibited), tank tops (spaghetti straps/tube tops prohibited), shoes (sneakers and slippers, high heels are not allowed), underwear (must be appropriately worn at all times during your stay), long sleeve shirts, jackets, sweaters and coats as necessary according to the season.

Strictly Prohibited Items

  • Aerosol sprays (air fresheners, perfume, body spray, cologne)
  • Products that contain alcohol content (including mouthwash, hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial soap)
  • Snack, drink and food items brought in from outside
  • Playing Cards
  • Jewelry and valuables of any kind
  • Magazines, books or any other item that promotes drugs, violence and/or sex
  • Any unauthorized medication, especially addictive or narcotic drugs
  • Clothing that violates the dress code (see asterisked paragraph above)
  • Medications that aren’t specifically authorized via prescription or other notice. Addictive and/or narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited, including Adderall, Valium, Subutex, Xanax, Suboxone and Klonopin

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