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Finding Employment in Early Sobriety

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When it comes to life, put first things first while second things are thrown in. However, put second things first and you lose both the first and second things. The point is that there are plenty of “firsts” in life that we experience. Some firsts are the beginning of many great experiences to come. Take for example your first steps, your first words, or your first time driving a car. These are known to be generally pleasing experiences for most.   

But while these delightful memories of firsts do exist, it is usually the nasty firsts that have more of a lasting impact staining the walls of our memory. Keep in mind we’re all born anew into this world, accumulating knowledge through emotionally and intellectually curious experiences; varying for any/all persons. This means that some of us do indeed have to learn the hard way. For that lump sum there’s the first time we blacked out and made a fool of ourselves, and there’s that first time we vomited for hour upon hour after getting too inebriated. There’s even that first time of getting handcuffed slapped on your wrists in a Walgreen’s parking lot(perhaps that one is particularly individualized).  

Yet even though such unplesantries have a way of remaining predominantly vivid for many, their lasting impacts only maintain relevance when we give them power(of course trauma and other life altering scenarios don’t necessarily apply here). There are positive firsts that we can add color to, even learning from if we give ourselves the chance. There’s that first (hopefully last) time we get clean from drugs/alcohol, that first A.A. meeting we walk into, or that first time finding employment in early sobriety. All of these can have positive outcomes if we allow ourselves to reap what we sow.


Finding Early Sobriety

Sure finding employment in early sobriety might not seem like a big deal, but for some it’s a pretty large molehill to climb. A lot of addicts turn away from structure. We are creatures that look for any change or thrill available. We’d rather be out there lighting fires to the world than cooped up in an office or restaurant for 8+ hours of our days passing by. Who doesn’t love the impulsivity and spontaneity that addiction concocts?

As addicts/alcoholics we are so used to running our lives with a rebel yell while disregarding any sort of routine. If we had a job it was only to support family, keep a roof over our head, or in most instances just feed our ugly alcoholic thinking. You know, the essential reasons for why any normal person would have the drive to work to begin with. Now, as we jump into this whole sobriety thing, we have to try out our new found life skills of responsibility; finding employment in it’s beginning stages. This comes off as much more of a challenge than most of us anticipate.   


Finding Employment

Creating a solid routine is part of the process to finding employment in early sobriety. It may take a little to adjust to the new groove, but it is absolutely necessary. This doesn’t mean we have to become artificial in our approach with the gray undertone of finances being the ultimate goal. Quite the opposite actually.

If we open our eyes to such, there’s plenty of benefits to finding employment in early sobriety aside from the greenback hunt of adding zeros to your bank account. Maintaining a job in early recovery will help us in:

  • Providing Structure/Routine
  • Being able to Keep up with Bills
  • Adapting to the Behaviors of Others
  • Preventing Too Much Free Time
  • Contributing to Society

Nevertheless, even with pure motives pushing forth ambition, some occupations can bring hazardous stress unconducive to sobriety. Some of us were bartenders or worked in places that aren’t particularly favorable to persons in recovery. A career change is sometimes the best for those of us hitting this speed bump while finding employment in early sobriety. Sometimes it isn’t necessary, but still recommended during our sober conception.


Occupational Growth

Bursting into recovery, we decide that we’re tired of half-assing and slacking, thus wanting to raise the bar for ourselves. In finding employment in early sobriety, give us the strength to lift that bar high. Our inner cowardly lion convinces a lot of us that we won’t be able to properly function without a sip from the bottle. “It was the booze that gave us the ability”, says the voice of unreasonable doubt. Alcoholism will always whisper sweet little lies. Finding employment in early sobriety will help to muffle that voice. Don’t listen to a thing it tells you.

Understanding what makes us tick or why it is that something can evoke certain emotion out of us is what half of recovery is based around. The goal is to stay conscious of your triggers and the things that could take any of us back out. Introspection always creates room for improvement. We have the power to do anything we put our minds to without substance abuse clouding productivity. Once we can see our reflections, then we can understand our struggles and/or wherein the solution to any of our issues like finding employment in early sobriety may lie. In the end, we’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.


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