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Do I Have To Be A Full Blown Addict To Go To Drug Rehab In PA?

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Drug and alcohol addiction is involuntary, and many Americans are affected by it. However, you don’t have to let it go from bad to worse. You can visit our drug recovery center in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, to receive personalized treatment. If you decide to check your loved one(s) into an addiction recovery center, you would like them to get the best treatment to nourish their mind and body. Fortunately, Just Believe Recovery Center delivers the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment to lead the patient to recovery.

First, you need to understand that addiction recovery is a gradual process. Therefore, it requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Our facility is one of a kind, and we are dedicated to serving our clients by giving them all that they need to recover. The journey to sobriety may be long and tough, but if you go through it, the rewards are entirely worth it. You, however, can’t do it alone. That is why we have an addiction recovery program to help you go through the process successfully.

The journey to sobriety begins with you. Your commitment is what helps you go through the long-term recovery process. When you check into our addiction recovery center, you should expect to go through a number of recovery steps. Our specialists will first conduct an assessment before they recommend a treatment program for you. Remember that every addiction requires a different approach. If you are addicted to heroin, your treatment will be different from that of an alcoholic. Our facility operates without discrimination, and we cater for individuals struggling with:

Drug addiction, and
Individuals with mental disorders as a result of substance abuse

If you are a parent, and you see or suspect that your child is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you should check him or her into our facility immediately to prevent worse outcomes.

Which addiction treatment programs do we offer?

Our facility’s rehab treatment programs include

Outpatient services
Inpatient services, or
A combination of both services.

Qualified specialists conduct these treatment programs in our facility. So, whether you choose inpatient or outpatient services, you can rest assured that you’ll get the help that you deserve. You should, however, keep in mind that if your child has a severe case of drug addiction, an inpatient program suits him or her best. An outpatient program is mostly recommended for individuals whose addiction is mild or those who can’t abandon their responsibilities.

With the inpatient program, you will be required to abandon your normal routine in the outside world. We will place you in our facility, where you will receive care from our specialists round the clock. On the other hand, the outpatient program doesn’t restrict you in our facility. After you receive the necessary treatment, we allow you to go home to handle your daily responsibilities like taking care of your children.

The Steps of Addiction Recovery

At our addiction recovery center, we understand that addiction recovery is gradual. So, we ensure to take you through the necessary steps required to achieve sobriety. If you check into our facility, you will receive the best care through the following steps.

Step I: Assessment

When you check into our facility, the first thing that we do is carry out a diagnosis to determine your level of dependency. This ensures that you get the treatment that best suits your addiction. During this phase, you will meet with one of our specialists, either a doctor or therapist, to answer a couple of questions regarding your drug or alcohol use.

You should be very honest to enable the doctor to carry out a proper diagnosis. You should have nothing to fear because whatever you say is treated with confidentiality. At this stage, our specialist will assess your medical history, and a couple of tests may be run as well. The tests include both physical and mental screening. It is during this stage that we disclose the costs for your treatment program.

Step II: Detoxification

After you’ve been admitted to our facility, the first thing you go through is detox. Treatment is given to you to stop you from being dependent on the drug(s) you abuse. This is one of the hardest steps in rehabilitation, especially if your usage was severe. It is during this stage when we decide whether to place you in the outpatient or inpatient program.

Withdrawal systems start at this stage, and they can be very severe. Relapsing is common during this stage. As a result, we provide you with medically assisted detoxification. Keep in mind that withdrawal systems vary from patient to patient. They are determined by the drug abused, the period you’ve used the drug and your mental health state.

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include:


Step III: Rehabilitation

After detoxification, patients go through a rehabilitation process. This stage incorporates both psycho-therapeutic treatments and prescription medications. During this phase, you will get to meet a counselor, who will help you work out psychological issues to discover what led you to start abusing drugs or alcohol. Our qualified therapist evaluates your condition and offers counseling to help you regain your self-esteem. Also, discourage you from abusing drugs or alcohol. Rehabilitation may include group therapy, where you learn to share and maintain a healthy relationship with others. It is during this stage that you learn how to manage stress without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Step IV: Aftercare

Aftercare is usually the last step towards your sobriety. It involves a lot of social support to help you avoid drugs or alcohol. You can take part in self-help support groups, alumni organizations among other activities. Addiction recovery is not just about quitting your substance and alcohol abuse; it also entails creating healthy relationships with those around you.

Are you struggling with addiction? Do you want to achieve sobriety? We can help; call us today at (888) 380-0342

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