New Drug “Gray Death” LInked to Multiple Overdoses in Georgia

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New Drug “Gray Death” LInked to Multiple Overdoses in Georgia

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory, a new substance known as “gray death” is thought related to multiple recent deaths in Georgia. The substance resembles concrete mixing powder and may be linked to deaths in Cobb, Fulton, and Clayton counties, as well as others.

An analysis of the substance has revealed slight variations, but the powder usually contains high concentrations of the synthetic drug U-47700, heroin, and fentanyl. It is described as having a varied texture, ranging from light and powdery to chunky and rock-like.

Deneen Kilcrease, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab:

“In the last two weeks, we have seen approximately ten cases, statewide, of this gray powder material….it is very concerning to us because of the number of opiates that it contains the concentrations…”

Until toxicology reports come back, however, it will remain uncertain if the gray death is the culprit in all fatalities.


“Right now, it is just too early…to confirm if the ‘gray death’ has been responsible for the overdoses. But…last year, here in Georgia, there were 141 deaths from fentanyl and nine deaths from U-47700.”

Because both U-47700 and fentanyl are often components in the drug, law enforcement is assuming there is a link between the new drug and recent overdoses.

It has not been ascertained where the drugs are coming from, but designer drugs such as these are often imported from eastern countries such as China, and the drugs have been finding their way into Georgia en masse.

There have also been many cases of mislabeled pills and misrepresented substances, such as a bottle labeled as oxycodone turning out to be heroin or fentanyl.


“The days of very recognizable drugs are gone….Nothing looks like it used to…These things can come in tablets, in liquids and powder. Gray is just the new thing we happen to have right now, but the predictability is completely gone…”

~ G. Nathalee Serrels, M.A., Psychology

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