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Getting a DUI In Pennsylvania And Finding The Right Rehab

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You thought your drug and alcohol use was under control, that you could walk away from it any time you wanted. It didn’t seem like a major problem. Besides, it is your body, your choice, your business. That proved not to be true when you got a DUI in Pennsylvania. That moment was your wake-up call. Now you are in trouble with the law. You’ve had to come before the judge to be lectured about your problem, how it could have endangered the welfare of others, and you need to get help. You have to enter a rehab program at the request of the court. It’s the only way to soften the blow when it comes to your fines and whether you will keep your license or not. More importantly, rehab is intended to help you to save your life.

How to Find the Rehab that is Right for You

Your life feels like it is in a tailspin right now. You have so many problems to deal with on your plate, including your legal concerns, the risk of losing your job, the disappointment of your family, and a struggle in your personal relationship. Add the fact that you must enter a rehab program and you are overwhelmed. Take a deep breath. Ask a loved one or family member to sit down with you to help you navigate the challenges the are ahead of you. Don’t give up.

Begin with Your Health Insurance Provider

A good place to start is to contact a customer service representative for your health insurance company. Advise your provider that you would like to explore your options for a rehab program. Begin by learning the specific details for your policy. Find out:

  • What are in-network costs as compared to out-of-network costs
  • What is the length of treatment time that will be covered by your health insurance policy?
  • How does coverage compare for inpatient and outpatient care?
  • What is a list of rehab programs in Pennsylvania that are available for you?

Once you are informed, it will be easier to locate a rehab program that is a good fit for you.

Talk with Your Physician About Recommended Programs

Your regular physician is also a valuable source for information concerning rehab programs in your area. Your doctor will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to programs that have a good track record in your locale. Your doctor may also be able to assist you by performing a physical evaluation. Detailed information concerning your current health, any underlying issues you may have, and your family history can be sent on to your rehab facility of choice to give your support team a more comprehensive picture about you.

Choose the Program that Makes You Feel Comfortable

Friends and family members can give you advice about a rehab program. Your insurance company and your physician can make their recommendations as well. However, it is going to be up to you in the end. You need to review your options, talk to representatives, and pay a visit to rehab programs in order to make your final decision. You need a place that puts you at ease. Your rehab facility should offer treatment options that fit your type of substance abuse. You need to feel like you are safe and removed from all of the negative influences in your daily life that played a part in your current situation. If you are going to dig your way out of addiction, you are going to need the right tools.

Weigh the Advantages of Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

You’re going to hear arguments for inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Inpatient treatment provides you with round the clock care. You are completely removed from any access to drugs or alcohol. You will be able to make your health your only priority while you are undergoing treatment. This type of treatment is effective. However, it is more expensive. Your insurance company may only approve a short treatment period that isn’t long enough to work for you. You may feel that an inpatient program is so beneficial that you are willing to look into financing programs in order to cover your costs. In comparison, outpatient care typically costs less. It is also more flexible, allowing you to continue to work and carry out your obligations. You will be able to return home every day. Outpatient care puts more responsibility on your shoulders. You are going to need to stay strong and avoid drug or alcohol use. Enlist the aid of family, friends, mentors, and your counselor to make sure you stay on track while you are undergoing treatment.

Have a Positive Attitude

Once you have found out all of the information you need to enter a rehab program, you have chosen a program, and you are ready to get started, think of this as the moment you have been given a clean slate. Whatever mistakes happened to lead you to this point in life will be in the past. You are taking a step forward in your life to make your future better than what is happening right now. Getting that DUI could have been the best thing that could have ever happened to you because it has made you realize you need to change what you are going right now.

Let Us Help You to Find Your Rehab Program Today

It is time to take control of your drug or alcohol addiction. You need a rehab program in Pennsylvania that will help you to change your life for the better. You need to get back to a life that doesn’t use alcohol or drugs for a crutch. You also need to fulfill the requirements of the law after a DUI. We’re here to help. Call our counselors today at 888-380-0342 to find your rehab program today.

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