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Healing Mentally and Physically in Recovery

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After falling down the seemingly endless rabbit hole that alcoholism digs up, eventually we reach the bottom with a splat or we desperately cling onto something to stop from plummeting further. Upon falling, at this point our options are pretty limited. Unchecked alcoholic thinking will always be the catalyst that gladly shoves us into such a place. Yet rest assured there is no Wonderland at the bottom, nor any cast of wacky characters, just misery laced inebriation and a bunch of “D’s”. Despair, discouragement, death- you get the picture.     


Nevertheless, this inevitable alcoholic fate does not have to be our destiny. Sometimes we can find a way to stray from the preordained path that this disease scripts if we look for it. Options for a better understanding of recovery and what sobriety requires are everywhere if we open our eyes. When falling in active alcoholism, everything is in such disarray that we hardly see the hands reaching out to help us.


Yet should we happen to latch onto one of these hands reaching out, maybe some long overdue mending could begin. Most of the time, a true alcoholic will rarely discover recovery on their own free will and initiative. Nothing about giving up substances is enticing to the active addict. It usually has be introduced due to the insanity of alcoholism already running the show. However once the layers of stubborn alcoholism have been broken thru, we can actually begin healing mentally and physically in recovery.


The Symptoms of the Mind and Body

Upon entering recovery, everyone must come to terms with that the disease never ends. There’s no recovery finish line nor do we sporadically get better. Since there’s no finish line, there are things that are required of an alcoholic to remain “normal”. Of course by “normal”, this isn’t a reference to blending in. No, “normal” in this capacity would be to not be a fall down drunk at all times of the day. There are actions that have to be taken to stay ahead of the disease. You have to run twice as fast just to stay in place.  


Healing mentally and physically in recovery often takes more than just dropping the substances; work has to be put in. For true addicts/alcoholics, sobriety can only be preserved with due perseverance and more “D’s”. Dedication, diligence, and drive are just a few of the things that are going to get us out of our drunken anguish.


That Healing Feeling

Beginning with some form of detox(institutionalized or not), there are going to be aches and pains in places that you didn’t know even existed. There’s no sugarcoating this thing if you want the real deal. Nausea will come and go, goose pimples will cover your body, hot flashes and cold chills will keep you in a constant state of discomfort. Of course all this will depend on the buffet of chemicals the body is cleaning itself of. Coming off benzos will produce different displeasure’s than that of opioids or alcohol.  

Unfortunately, making it thru such torment is what’s required when healing mentally and physically in recovery.


Eventually things will start to ease up and there will begin a new sense of clarity involving all physical details. As the initial sweaty discomfort plays it’s course, the body will start to renew itself in aspects like:

  • Aches dissipating
  • Fatigue ending
  • Renewed stamina
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Increased appetite


Our overall physical comfort in the situation will improve in ways that we thought our body was no longer capable of. A renewed sense of physical self will be an understatement once the chemical crap is gone. As we begin healing mentally and physically in recovery, it’ll become increasingly apparent that sobriety is the way the body is intended to function.


Healing Up and Downstairs  

As we begin getting used to our new sober legs, things will only continue to improve in a positive light. The best part is that all the new physical features occurring will begin to link with mentality. The mind and body are much more intertwined than we often realize. Healing physically and mentally in recovery will require much of the same actions. Contrariwise, we’ll receive much of the same benefits as well.


Fixating on a regular sleep schedule will do both the mind and body wonders. Physical activity can help increase healthy blood flow to the heart and can release endorphins to the brain. Nutrition will give natural energy to the body while helping us think clearly. These are just a few minor instances of how certain healthy patterns will aid in healing mentally and physically in recovery. The natural things that used to release endorphins in activities such as exercise, sex, or helping others will soon be restored to their former glory. Soon the question will emanate wondering why we even needed the substances in the first place.


Recovery Rejuvenation

Healing mentally and physically in recovery is different for everybody. Some will hesitate to dive in- just dipping a toe, while others will respond with a cannonball right into the positivity. It’s a process that everybody is entitled to have. The end goal is what really matters.  


When deep in active addiction, we always think we see things so clearly. Looking back, it’s more than apparent that we were looking at life through fogged lenses. To know that you’re not looking at life in this distorted view anymore is a comforting feeling enough. You’ll thank yourself down the road. If you or a loved one are in need of help and a re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please give a call at 877-871-3356.


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