Heroin Ring Bust in New York – $5 Million Seized

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Heroin Ring Bust in New York – $5 Million Seized

Inwood, New York is a borough of Manhattan, with a population just under 10,000. It was also the site of a $5 million heroin ring bust this past week. In addition to the heroin seized,10 heroin mill workers were arrested. The building overlooks the lovely Bruce Reynolds Garden in Isham Park.

According to reports, an apartment at 10 Park Terrace East was raided. Within it was found 22 lbs. of heroin – 11 lbs. powered and 150,000 individual dose envelopes.

Operating a heroin packaging operation in progress, a team of 30 agents, detectives, and investigators arrived at the residence with a search warrant on the evening of April 14. The mill workers were in the process of bagging the heroin for distribution, having already filled 150,000 glassine envelopes,

Additionally, over a dozen coffee grinders were being used to mix heroin and diluting agents. Heroin was literally in the air, with powder coating several surfaces around the apartment. Towels covered the windows, and 5 air conditioner units were in use. This is not uncommon to see in a heroin mill. The apartment was also wired with count-surveillance equipment, such as cameras aimed at the building’s street front and entrance.

Also recovered were face masks, gloves, scales, packaging material, and other equipment. The heroin ring’s business records were also collected.

Hundreds of stamps for branding the envelopes were used by the operation. Names include “$INCOME TX”, “BATMAN”, “SUPERMAN”, “FEDI”, and PAINKILLER. One brand was positively identified as have being sold on Long Island.

The accused are facing charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance (first and third degree) and of using drug paraphernalia in the second degree.

~ G. Nathalee Serrels, M.A. Psychology

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