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How Addiction Can Affect Self-Esteem

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A well known, Favorited doctor by the last name of ‘Seuss’ once wrote, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Wise words that are heeded far and few between. To love another human being is one thing, but to love yourself or life as it comes is a completely different territory. Loving reality is better than loving the figment-ed subconscious Mr. Sandman puts us into each night. When you love, do you love everything?

Slip ups and mistakes are what we do best. There’s nothing wrong with messing up and being human, but the big catch is about what is derived from the situation. Life is all about making mistakes, sure, but it’s about learning to love ourselves after it’s all said and done. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for our past, especially since it already happened. The world didn’t end. We were being human, having a human experience. Most people tend to be the reaction to the bad parts of themselves, creating darkness and negativity in the process. However, this cannot be ignored.

Analysis of all the negative performances in life can bring anybody down, but it does not define them. This is why we must recognize that addiction can sometimes affect self-esteem. Although reviewal of ourselves is vital, it’s still all about progressing forward after certain revelations occur. Through this, confidence can be re-instilled by recognizing the wrongs that have replaced the rights.

If we fix the problem, the past does not have to be repeated. Sobriety ensures that addicts do not have to go back to the wretched misery filled hopelessness that was. To love your own life is one of the greatest freedoms you can feel. If we allow ourselves to grow, we will see that we deserve sobriety and all it’s attached promises.

Not Feeling Worth It

The alcoholic condensation of this is that many addicts believe they do not deserve the redemptive chance that recovery allows. Addiction can affect self-esteem in more ways than the outside looking in would tend to provide. Too many addicts wear the weight of that shame or guilt from having let somebody down- or ourselves for that matter. Again, letting it turn into a festering dark energy that dwells within.

This must be snapped out of though. Nothing is permanent in life except death. With that in mind, we are as good of people as we allow ourselves to be. Nobody is truly angelic nor are they completely evil. There is a moral compass inside that sways all our decisions like it or not. Addiction causes us to lose bearings, but sobriety helps us find them again.

Addicts/alcoholics are not bad people just because of bad things done. We are good people who have done bad things under the hypnosis of this disease. It’s not a justification, but it sure is a reason to turn it all around. We can recover and come back with acts that are the opposite to that of our addiction.

Changing the Affects

A lot of our self worth comes from that love mentioned earlier. Embracing yourself as a human being and producing the best version of yourself possible is what sobriety boils down to. Addiction may affect self-esteem, but recovery can affect it even more. Some of the methods recovery may teach us to fight back at addiction’s draining self-worth tactics may include:

  • Giving Back
  • Counting Our Blessings
  • Realizing Nobody is Perfect
  • Avoiding Comparing to Others
  • Forgiving Ourselves

There’s more opportunity for good things in our life than we often perceive. You see, addicts triumph again and again through tribulation. Recognizing that you are a strong individual is another take-away of sobriety. Once you start implementing this practice of positivity, the negativity will soften. The trick is to really accept all of our strengths and our weaknesses. You are in control of your life and decide to be as happy as you want to be.

If we choose sobriety we will begin to see a way of life that was unimaginable beforehand. It begins with such a few simples steps- literally. Our optimism and love will begin flowing out of us as life was intended to be.

Digging for Dignity

The guilt and shame that most of us feel from our substance induced past is often the ridicule of our future. It creates negativity that spreads like a virus, but it doesn’t have to be so. That negativity can be battled through positivity and love.

A wise man once said that life is like a table set with different drinking glasses. Our job on this planet is to keep those glasses of water full for others to drink. In order to do so, we must always keep water in the pitcher. Addiction just happens to be the dirt in the pitcher that needs to be cleaned out. Through addiction, we lose the true meaning to life and the love that illuminates it.

To overcome these negative feelings means making some changes. Sobriety is always a good change to start with. Recovery induced change can evoke positivity in life that banishes pessimism to the shadows where it belongs. Once we come to this establishment of understanding, it is then that we will begin to feel worth it. We begin to realize that apologizing about for all our guilt ridden feelings won’t make them disappear, and stuffing them deep down won’t do anything either. Sobriety is the necessitated therapy that will show your worth to yourself and those around you. It will take form in love and light if we allow it. Greener pastures are always accessible if we begin walking to them.

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