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How Can I Get Into a Residential Drug Rehab Center Program?

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A residential drug rehab center program is designed to give residents a longer-term recovery program that extends beyond your traditional 7-14 day detox period. Residential rehabs offer more treatment options and a great deal more freedom, as they sometimes go on as long as a year, allowing residents to gradually re-enter society drug-free. Before going to rehab, it’s natural to wonder how you even get into a residential drug rehab center program in the first place. If you or your loved one has never been to one, how would you know the answer to that?

Wonder no more. Getting into a residential drug rehab program is typically easy to do, as there are beds opening up for those programs constantly. People graduate from the programs, and sadly, sometimes people leave the program early, leaving room for eager recovering people to benefit from the program anew. It’s always there for you, ready to help. All you have to do is be ready yourself.

The Process is Simple

In most cases, the first step to getting into a residential drug rehab center is to be assured that you’re through the initial detox period first, and then contact the residential center at the end of your stay in detox. Some residential programs may blend the two programs together, helping you through detox first and then providing a long-term residential option for you, although the residential area may be separated from the detox, as people in detox are going through different problems.

A simple phone call is enough to set everything in motion. When you call a residential treatment center, they will tell you all about the insurances or payment methods they accept, the type of therapies that they offer to clients, and their overall philosophy of recovery. For example, some treatment centers take a strictly medical and psychiatric approach, while others believe in spiritual or holistic treatment options. You can pick one that suits your style.

Things to Ask During An Initial Call

When you call, you’re likely to have a lot of questions to ask the person on the other end of the line. You’ll need to ask if they accept your insurance or what payment plans they have to enter. You might want to know if they provide all the food you’ll need or if you’ll need to pay for your own food. It’s likely you’ll wonder what recreational facilities they might have. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You want a residential drug rehab center that has ways for you to enjoy your life during a long stay.

A few of the most commonly asked questions might include:

  • Do you have a doctor on staff?
  • Do you offer medication therapy, if needed?
  • Do you work with dual diagnosis clients?
  • What do I need to bring with me?

A New Life

After they’re out of residential treatment centers, most former residents would agree that it’s one of the best decisions they ever made. During detox, you work on being physically drug-free. During residential treatment, you master the art of living life in a sober manner, tackling problems ahead with a clear mind and avoiding triggers of former drug use whenever possible, and dealing with those triggers if they appear. It’s a full-time recovery that allows you to take on “real life” a little more each day, at a time, while you’re surrounded by healthcare professionals, counselors, and peers with the same goal as you.

Residential drug rehab programs aren’t for everyone, but they have saved so many lives from the slow death of drugs and alcohol. For those who don’t think detox is enough, or who want a greater quality of life after the initial withdrawal is over, residential programs are the key to a quality recovery that lasts. Not only do you have a clean living environment to benefit from, but you constantly have access to people who are going through the same thing with you, a community of recovering individuals who know what it’s all about. Getting into a residential drug rehab program starts with a simple phone call, and it can end with you walking out the doors 3 months, 6 months, or a year later as a genuinely happy, sober individual ready to take on the world.

If you’re ready to make that call to get into a residential rehab center, just give our counselors a call at 888-380-0342.

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