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How Can Sober Houses in PA Help You Get Back on Your Feet After Treatment?

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Addiction recovery doesn’t end after you complete an inpatient program. It’s an ongoing journey that requires dedication to staying sober. When inpatient, those suffering from addiction are safe. They have trained medical professionals working to help them detox.

However, that’s just the first step toward a complete recovery. But once the treatment plan ends, the patient is on their own.. As a result, they have to rely solely on their willpower to fight the urge to use again. While some people are able to return home and continue on their journey to recovery, others still need a safe haven. If you’ve been battling addiction but know the possibility of relapse is high, you’re not alone. A sober house in PA is a great place to go to when getting back on your feet after completing your treatment.

What is a Sober House?

A sober house, which is also known as a halfway house, is a substance-free area where people can go to stay clean. These specialized living areas work in a similar fashion to a co-op. You have to pay the costs and maintain the home as if it were your own by paying rent and doing chores. A large variety of sober homes cater to the specific needs of people recovering from addiction. A few sober houses are owned by either a religious group or a business. In most cases, however, sober homes are privately owned.

Keep in mind that a sober home doesn’t offer the same structure as an inpatient program. With inpatient treatment programs, you will have to depend on medical professionals to keep you in line. Sober homes, on the other hand, aim to promote independence by not confining residents. However, just because sober homes aren’t as strict inpatient rehab doesn’t mean there aren’t rules to follow. These rules can include mandatory group sessions and curfew.

What Are The Benefits Of Going To a Sober Home?

Going to a sober home basically provides people with the same benefits as an inpatient rehab center, but on a different level. You’ll be around others who are experiencing the same feelings about staying sober as you are. However, you’ll have the freedom to go as you please if you choose to go to a sober home.

Here are some other benefits that a sober home offers:

Supportive Companionship

Perhaps the best benefit to sober homes is knowing that you aren’t suffering alone. Sober homes house other people who are dealing with the same problems. With bi-weekly group sessions, the other residents can seem like a family, which does wonders for your morale.

Reduced Risk of Relapse

Suffering from addiction can alter the way your brain cells function, which makes it harder to resist your impulses to use. Residing in a sober home provides a safe haven for those trying to beat addiction. Substances like alcohol, drugs, over-the-counter (OTC)drugs and prescriptions are strictly banned in sober homes. Without easy access and temptation, previous users continue to work towards recovery.

Things to Consider

Not everyone suffering from addiction needs to live in a sober home. It’s a personal choice only you can make. After leaving an in-patient program, it’s easy to relapse and starts using again. Anyone battling addiction needs a strong support system where they feel safe and know they can ask for additional support when needed. A sober living home provides such an environment. However, it’s important to note that sober living homes aren’t places where individuals can just take up residence. As part of the recovery process, individuals must try to find gainful employment and attend support meetings.

Recovery from addiction is never easy. Addiction has a way of getting inside the user’s head and telling them it’s okay, that it’s no big deal and they can stop tomorrow. After you make the choice to finally get clean and complete a detox program, know that you’re not alone. There are places you can go to continue your recovery. The key is knowing that living in a sober house makes you accountable. If you’ve completed detox and are ready to continue on the road to recovery, call 888-380-0342 today.

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