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How Detox Centers Are A Better Option Than Suboxone Maintenance?

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If you are thinking about checking in for rehab at a detox center, then naturally you will have many questions. Do the centers use Suboxone to help with the pain and withdrawal effect symptoms? What is a Suboxone Maintenance program like? Are there any viable alternatives to using such a maintenance program after finishing detox? We will look at the answers to these and other related questions here.

About Suboxone and Suboxone Detox

Suboxone is a partial opioid (schedule III) that acts as a calming drug but is less addictive than methadone. This Suboxone also has a smaller chance of causing respiratory depression if it is abused. This is the original opiate addiction medication for treatment that a doctor is able to prescribe outside of the bounds of Opioid Treatment Programs. Suboxone Maintenance is effectively utilized to reduce the chances of having a relapse.

Why Go Into a Suboxone Maintenance Detox Program In The First Place?

There have been studies done demonstrating that as many as from 60 to 70 percent of all recovering users who go on these maintenance drugs will quit abusing by themselves in a year or less. The reason is that the Suboxone drug provides you with the intoxicated feelings while stifling emotions.

The dilemma is that a great number of these individuals try to manage by themselves with a doctor’s prescription after the program is over. They generally have a relapse back to their original opiate drug. Some of the reasons for this are that they do not get any clinical support while they are suffering through withdrawal. They also lack the needed tools to deal with difficult issues like anxiety that create a trigger for the drug they have just quit.

In a structured detox center program, you gain the advantages of this clinical program. It concentrates on their individual requirements and needs in the process of withdrawal. While in this center, an Internal Medicine specialist doctor will consult with you to routinely assess the level of progress you are making.

Once this first assessment is completed, the doctor will slowly reduce the dose of the Suboxone. The schedule for tapering will range widely (as will the dosage) once you are admitted. You will be reviewed on a several hourly basis.

The doctor will be looking for psychological and physical impacts from the tapering to make certain that the withdrawal process remains as comfortable as it can be. In many of these detox centers, the physicians will choose to utilize a non-habit forming medication instead of the Suboxone. These can help to better handle the symptoms of withdrawal without causing a new addiction.

Relapse Risks from Suboxone Maintenance

The goal of the Suboxone withdrawal management program is to provide you with all of the information, support, and tools that you require so that you can maintain your own recovery after detox. Such relapse is always a risk where addictive drugs are involved. If you are worried about suffering a relapse or have habitually relapsed, the detox centers can come up with a specially tailored plan of treatment. This would involve non-agonist, non-addictive medications that you will maintain for at least three and up to six months.

One example of such a non-habit forming alternative is Vivitrol. It offers you the following significant advantages:

  • This particular drug will not bind itself to those receptors in your brain that the opiates did
  • While Suboxone represents an opiate agonist, alternatives like Vivitrol are not opiates
  • It makes it far simpler to quit taking Vivitrol when the treatment period ends
  • Vivitrol guards against any relapse as it makes it impossible for you to experience a high from the opiates
  • On moments where relapse appears imminent, it will interrupt your body’s response to those opiates

Alternatives to Traditional Detox Centers

There are other rehab models besides the traditional detox program that you can try as well. They are holistic detox centers that allow clients to check in for as little as 10 days. You could also stay up to 21 days. This holistic model has an extended care treatment program that you can transition into from the 10 or 21 day programs.

A holistic model center will utilize Suboxone detox as a starting point. What makes them different from other competing programs is that they concentrate their efforts enormously on support and integration. They deliver this via group as well as individual forums. Among the various support services such a program will offer are the following:

  • Chinese medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Nutritional wellness groups
  • Detoxification juicing
  • Restorative yoga
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Wet steam and dry sauna facilities
  • EEG biofeedback
  • Other supports needed by the patient

This holistic model concentrates on working with you the patient’s root problems to treat the ones which might cause you to relapse later. The benefits to such a detoxification program are that they can reduce cravings, anxiety, and patient fear in the critical and difficult withdrawal phase.

The idea is that with this alternative model of detox, the integration services will deal with the anxiety and fear of withdrawal. It will also help you to address the accompanying stress of detox better. As an example, acupuncture is world-renowned for creating a long-lasting impact for reducing stress and attaining anxiety relief.

EEG biofeedback assists you with conditioning your brain to decrease external stress reactions. Studies have revealed that this neurofeedback leads to a positive building up effect. This substantially reduces the reaction to stress time.

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