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How Do I Know My Daughter Needs Drug Rehabilitation?

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Are you worried that your daughter may be addicted to drugs and/or alcohol?  The development of substance use disorder can occur slowly. It usually starts with recreational use around friends and with family and during outings.  Over time, drug and alcohol use tends to increase until the individual is displaying obvious and not so obvious signs of addiction.

1. Sudden Changes in Weight

If your daughter suddenly gains or loses weight, it could be due to drug and/or alcohol use.  For example, someone addicted to stimulants, like meth or cocaine, could show dramatic decreases in weight.  An individual addicted to depressants, like alcohol, could start to show a noticeable increase in weight. While there are other reasons for weight gain and weight loss, it is a sign of substance use disorder, especially if any of the other symptoms listed are present.

2. Denial About Drinking and/or Alcohol Use

Have you noticed your daughter going out more with questionable friends or new acquaintances and coming home impaired and asked about your daughter’s drug and/or alcohol use only to hear that she’s in control of her habit and can stop at any time? Denial about substance use and its severity is a sign of addiction and that your daughter needs professional treatment at either an inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

3. Inability to Hold a Job

After years of stable employment, has your daughter suddenly shown difficulty inholding a job?  Individuals with substance use disorder often have trouble maintaining jobs because they can’t show up on time and may show up under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Even if she’s able to show up on time, the workplace’s random drug testing protocols may catch the drug use and result in your daughter getting fired due to zero tolerance drug use policies.  If your daughter has recently lost her job due to a failed drug test or lost several jobs over the last year, it may be a sign that she has substance use disorder.

4. Stealing Money from Family and Friends

Have you frequently found money missing from your wallet or purse? Do other family or friends who come over report missing cash? Individuals in the grip of substance use disorder may resort to stealing cash and/or credit cards in order to support their habit. In severe cases, you may find electronic devices and valuables missing and presumably pawned or sold for cash. Confrontation on this matter often results in an argument where the individual denies stealing money and/or items.  However, stealing and lying about it are signs of addiction should not be ignored.

5. Loss of Interest in Previous Hobbies and Activities

Has your daughter lost interest in her previous activities and hobbies, like playing sports, writing, painting, reading or hiking and exercising? A sudden loss of interest in hobbies can be the sign of an addiction to illicit substances and/or alcohol, especially if you’ve noticed this sign in conjunction with a few the other signs of drug and alcohol dependency listed in this article.

6. Sudden Mood Swings and Changes in Attitude

Have you noticed that your daughter has sudden mood swings? Rapid changes in mood can be due to drug and/or alcohol use, especially if your daughter can’t acquire her drug of choice. When this happens, you may notice that your daughter becomes easily agitated, appears nervous and continually asks to borrow money and/or the car so that she can go get the substance.

7. Previous Attempts to Stop Using Failed

Has your daughter tried to stop drinking, taking pain pills or consuming other types of substances and failed. These attempts can be either on her own or with the help of professionals. If your daughter has previously tried to stop using but couldn’t control her urges to use drugs or drink alcohol, it is a sign that he or she has developed substance use disorder and needs treatment at an inpatient treatment center or via intensive outpatient treatment. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms in your daughter or another loved one, there’s a good chance they need help from a drug and alcohol treatment center on either an inpatient or outpatient basis. The good news is that substance use disorder is a treatable condition with counseling, therapy and support. Call one of our counselors today at 888-380-0342.

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