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How Have Rehabilitation Centers Changed Over the Past 20 Years?

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The last 20 years have been an incredible time of progressive thinking and evolution in the drug rehabilitation industry. Now more than ever, scientists, doctors, nurses, and caregivers understand that addiction often plays out as both physical disease and a mental health complication (or isolated problem). Dual diagnosis, greater emphasis on group meetings, an easier admission process, and so many other sweeping changes have made inpatient rehab centers a much kinder, beneficial place for addicts and alcoholics to get well.

The changes have come about partially because of the advances in knowledge about addiction in general. Even 20 years ago, doctors and scientists were mostly in the dark about addiction. Little was known about the process of tolerance, dual diagnosis, and other pertinent addiction topics, but through the years scientists have amassed a body of knowledge about addiction that encompasses all of its many faces. Not only do rehab centers know more about addiction, but they have many new innovative therapies to try in a multifaceted approach that gets results.

Detox Advances and Dual Diagnosis

Today we realize that many substance abuse disorders originate as part of a self-medicating regiment on the part of someone with a co-existing mental health disorder. Addiction very frequently develops alongside one of these existing disorders, and today’s detoxes are better equipped than ever before to address dual diagnosis issues. Not only do you get treatment for a substance abuse disorder, but if you have an undiagnosed or diagnosed mental health disorder, your addiction therapists are capable of dealing with both problems in one admission.

In the past, detox was an arduous process with very little medicine to help alleviate any of its symptoms. Detoxes could give you emotional support, but they simply couldn’t help much with the physical part of drug withdrawal. That all changed here, especially in the last 10 years as medication therapy for withdrawal symptoms has become more widely accepted and safe. Drugs to address nausea, anxiety, and high blood pressure are used frequently in today’s detoxes to make the detox period bearable for sufferers.

A More Open-Minded Approach

Attitudes about drug addiction have changed in recent years as well, with a good many people accepting the disease model of addiction. Even people who don’t accept a disease model and believe it is a mental health disorder are open-minded and more accepting of recovery. Just about everyone on earth has an interest in seeing drug addicts and alcoholics become free of their addiction. Employers, friends, family, and society in general wants people to get well and stay well from this affliction.

Years ago, you might feel a sense of shame going into a rehab center, but today it’s incredibly common. Not only is it common, but it’s also very much encouraged and cheered on. Taking that first step to getting help is applauded by the world as a whole, no matter how far down the road of an addiction someone has gone. People need help for this dreadful condition, and today it’s more accepted than ever before to get treatment. There’s no sense of shame in getting help. In fact, there’s a sense of pride.

A New World of Hope

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is about hope more than anything else. Addiction itself is a disease of loss. You lose time, friends, money, jobs, employment, housing, and sometimes even life itself. Fortunately, no person suffering today has to keep suffering. Thanks to advances in recent years, rehabilitation centers are places of healing, places where people are free to fight for their lives and all the things they love with the help of kind, compassion, knowledgeable staff. 20 years ago, it was tough to get help for drug or alcohol addiction. Now help is always just a phone call away.

Treatment centers have more solid science behind their new therapies, people are more accepting now than ever before of recovery, and new medications can help to make withdrawal symptoms more bearable. 20 years from now, it’s likely that rehabilitation centers will be even more progressive and helpful, but for now, it’s time to celebrate the fact that it’s a sort of golden age of rehabilitation centers. Drug addicts and alcoholics have hope every single day because there is help available at any time. If you want to take advantage of the recent innovations in drug rehabilitation centers, we can help you. Just call now at 888-380-0342 to get help.

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