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How Long Does It Take to Check Into a Pennsylvania Drug Rehab?

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Pennsylvania drug rehabs have changed a lot over the years, especially in their check-in process. Clients often take months or even years to make a decision on a rehab, and by the time they get to the doors of the rehab, they’re sometimes experiencing withdrawal symptoms. No client is going to want to wait 12 hours or more to check into a Pennsylvania rehab. Thankfully, with recent advances in technologies and a greater understanding of the needs of clients, Pennsylvania rehabs are able to more quickly check-in addicts and alcoholics who need immediate assistance.

The admission process varies for almost every detox and treatment center, and it’s generally based on the detox’s philosophy on the type of information they need to know in the beginning to give the client the best treatment for them. No one treatment works for every resident of drug rehab. The responsibility of the rehab staff is to cater to the client’s individual needs and find the best way to reach and help them.

The Admission Process

Sometimes called an intake, the admission process for mental health institutions and drug rehabs consists of an interview with the client that helps to give the rehab the general information they need to best help a client. Usually, the intake process includes talking to you and finding out:

  • Your name
  • Your basic contact information
  • A brief history of what brings you in
  • Any special medical needs, such as diabetic treatment
  • Co-existing mental health disorders

Once the professional who speaks to you has all of your basic information, they can have it in the system. There will be times when your picture will also be needed so that all the staff can easily identify you if they need to speak with you about any aspect of your treatment. The intake is also a great time to ask about any questions you have about the treatment center’s policies and how they will treat your addiction and/or alcoholism.

Patience During the Process

If you’re anxious about the length of time that it will take you to be admitted and get into treatment, especially if you have medical issues that require urgent attention, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions before people enter a detox center or any type of rehab center. They want to know how long it’s going to take to get checked in and comfortable.

If you need medical detox, this question is doubly important. Going into rehab while withdrawing can be an incredibly unnerving experience, and you deserve a treatment center that’s going to expedite the admission process so that you can get into a room and be comfortably treated medically. Depending on your condition, detox centers will of course work with you if you are not yet medically stabilized. Symptoms of withdrawal are often scary for clients, and detox centers understand this. They do everything in their power to make sure you are admitted as quickly as possible.

Getting Help

Drug addiction and alcoholism are one of the most serious medical disorders that exist. It’s a sickness of the mind and body, and it’s one that rehab centers need to take seriously, especially in the beginning when they’re doing your intake and getting all of your information. If you have special concerns, the intake and admission process is the ideal time to address these questions with your intake professional. Depending on the condition you’re in, they will know what to do should any medical emergencies arise. Many clients need medical treatment at a hospital first before they can be comfortably admitted to drug rehab. Professionals at your detox center should understand this.

Asking good questions during the admission process is always a good idea. The staff that speaks to you should be respectful and do everything they can to make you comfortable during that early process. If they don’t, remember that you always have a choice about where to go for treatment. Every client should be treated humanely, respectfully, and like the human being that they are. You’re going into drug rehab, and that’s a big step for you and your family. You deserve respect for your courage and decision.

If you’re ready to enter a Pennsylvania rehab that has an efficient, respectful admissions process, just call us today at 888-380-0342. We look forward to giving you the help you want.

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