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Should My Husband Go To a Sober House After Alcohol Rehab?

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Alcohol has become the main focus of your husband’s life. Family, friends, work, and his health have all been pushed to the back of his mind. He can’t concentrate on anything because alcohol is clouding his mind. What may have started as a casual drink after work has become a round the clock obsession. He can’t make it through the work day without finding a way to have a drink. One drink is never enough. As soon as it’s quitting time, it’s drinking time. You can see that his problem with alcohol has been spiraling out of control. Family and friends have come together to sit down and talk to your husband in an intervention to help him to see that he needs to stop drinking before he loses everything that matters to him in life. He finally understands that it’s time to stop.

Recovery from Alcohol Addiction Takes a Team Effort

Once your husband accepts the fact that his drinking is a problem, the next step is to find a way to stop. Recovery from addiction is not a do-it-yourself kind of plan. If your husband tries to break free from alcohol on his own, he is much more likely to fall back on old habits. Making that effort by himself could lead to even bigger problems if he gives into temptation and begins to binge drink. He could place himself in serious danger. The cravings and effects of withdrawal draw most people back to the source of their addiction. Your husband needs support that is twenty-four hours a day with care from medical professionals who know how to deal with addiction.

You, your family, and your friends are all in your husband’s corner. You want to see him leave alcohol behind. You’re ready to support him in any way that you can, but you cannot be with him at all times. You do not have the medical background required to deal with all of the phases of the recovery process. Your love and guidance will mean the world to your husband, but he needs an alcohol recovery program that is created specifically for his unique needs. Whether his medical team recommends a month or three months on the road to an alcohol-free future, an alcohol rehabilitation facility will help your husband to find light at the end of this tunnel.

Should Your Husband Go to a Sober House Once His Rehab Program is Complete?

A sober house provides those who are recovering from an addiction with a place to stay while they transition from a full-time recovery program to their normal lives back at home. Inpatient care is recommended for the greatest chance of success in any addiction recovery program. When your husband enters an alcohol rehab facility in an inpatient program, he will be completely removed from home, family, work, and the source of his addiction. He will be in a controlled environment where his progress will be monitored every day as alcohol is eliminated from his life.

The program will be structures with individual and group meetings that are meant to give your husband everything he needs in order to experience freedom from addiction. When his treatment plan has been successful completed, it can be overwhelming to immediately return home. While the people he loves are at home, all of his responsibilities are waiting for him as well. Negative influences, stress, and easy access to alcohol are something he will need to face. He may need more time before he is ready to take on all of his obligations once again. By choosing a sober house, your husband can ease his way back in to life without alcohol. He may spend thirty days in a sober house.

The length of stay depends on the individual. A sober house is a facility that is free from substance abuse. All residents are in a situation that is similar to your husband. There will be responsibilities in the sober house that all residents are expected to take part in. Residents may resume working during their stay. There can be visits with friends and family. Each day will help your husband to be strong enough to come home. Support meetings will continue to help your husband cope with life after an alcohol rehab program. Staff and members of a sober house are committed to life without alcohol or drugs. A sober house is a place filled with positive energy where every member embraces the possibility of a brighter future.

You Need to Find the Plan of Action that is Right for Your Husband

If you want to see your husband free from addiction to alcohol, it means finding the right rehab plan. The first step is to come in for a consultation. The medical professionals at your husband’s alcohol recovery facility will perform a thorough evaluation that takes into consideration any health concerns or other issues that have contributed to your husband’s problem with alcohol.

The next step will be to determine what treatment plan will be best for your husband. You will find out how long his program may last as he undergoes the phases of treatment, including detoxification and intense counseling. Discuss the possibility of using a sober house as a transition phase in order to help your husband to achieve success in his treatment plan. Your husband’s treatment professionals will offer him many resources to find freedom from alcohol addiction, including outpatient services and support meetings that can continue once his inpatient treatment plan has been successfully completed.

Get the Help Your Husband Needs with the Right Alcohol Rehab Program Today

Don’t let another day go by without finding a solution for your husband’s addiction to alcohol. Call our representatives today at 888-380-0342 to learn what our alcohol rehabilitation program can offer your husband. It is not too late to get the help that your husband needs sot that he can take back his life. Freedom from alcohol is only a phone call away.

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