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Important Things to Know When Detoxing From Drugs/Alcohol

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Sheldon Allan Silverstein once wrote, “There is a voice inside of you, that whispers all day long. (I feel this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.) No teacher, preacher, parent, friend, or wise man can decide. What’s right for you, just listen to the voice that speaks inside.” A simple yet incredibly pretty piece of poetry that most could relate to if they were to stop and listen to their own beating heart for a second or two. Morals are generally innate in human beings, hence their existence and definition of.

Howbeit when dealing with alcoholic thinking, there is an invisible but very prominent second voice that ends up taking precedence. Alcoholism is a nasty festering disease that provides a second voice upstairs, making morality and values very difficult to decipher at times. It barks commands, and gives orders in Jekyll and Hyde style proceedings that most would prefer to be without. This is because of an obsession that the often un-diagnosed disorder predicates itself around. Alcoholic thinking as a whole lives off that idée fixe.

Yet disease or not, this does not justify the actions that break moral codes. Somebody still has to answer to poor decisions being made. Contrariwise, it helps prove that people afflicted with addiction need help battling this specific voice. Left to their own devices, most will perish under their own illogical tyranny unless pointed in the direction of help. That same help usually begins with detoxification. Detoxing from drugs/alcohol may seem like a scary thought, but there are ways to get to the other side without being engulfed in complete misery.


Detoxing From Sickness   

Detoxing from drugs/alcohol is an uncomfortably necessary step on the road to rehabilitation. It is the first step in breaking the cycle of addiction. During this process, you are allowing the body to regulate itself as the toxins rapidly expel out of your being. You may suffer from a few withdrawal symptoms, but it’ll be better than dying(which it may feel like for some). Take the worst cold you’ve ever had an multiple it by a few times.   

These withdrawal symptoms will vary for everyone depending on the drug du jour and the length of their usage. Said withdrawal symptoms can graduate in severity if they’re not monitored/treated by a medical professional. In some instances they can even lead to self-destructive or life-threatening behaviors due to chemical imbalance. Detoxing from drugs/alcohol in a facility with proper treatment will help ensure more comfort than lying on the floor in fetal position at home will do. That method works but whenever possible should be the path less traveled if wanting to detox the easiest way.

Many factors also usually play into the contingency of getting into a detox facility such insurance and/or resident occupancy. Some facilities will use a titration curriculum over a several week period, and some will put you thru the ringer in the quickest manner possible so as to keep moving forward. There is no rush in detoxing from drugs/alcohol. Sometimes recovery needs to be a slow augmented process. In most cases, you’ll be given the detox program that is more favorable to your situation. It’s not meant to be torture. That’s why detox is taken slowly and patients are treated as their withdrawals begin. There is a comfortable plan for everyone.  


So What Are Withdrawal Symptoms?

Death is rarely the occurrence when detoxing from drugs/alcohol, especially under monitored supervision at a detox or hospital, but it’s still wise not to even risk it. Just ask Jerry Garcia, the late lead singer to the Grateful Dead. Yet although death can likely be checked off the list, discomfort will not be spared. When detoxing from drugs/alcohol, your best friends will become Gatorade and an empty bucket as you’re bombarded by the likes of:

  • Cold Sweats/Hot Flashes
  • Nausea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Feverish Body Aches/Pains
  • Loss of Urination or Bowel Movements

Watching the movie ‘Trainspotting’ is a great way to mentally invision this. Eventually your vessel will be cleared of the array of chemicals once clouding your mind and body, but there will be some rough moments traveling on your way there. Being in a medical facility while detoxing from drugs/alcohol is your best bet at a seatbelt and airbag.


Detoxification Necessitation        

So with all this discomfort in mind, the idea is to only endure this process once. This means of course doing it correctly. Drug detoxification is absolutely a necessity before you enter treatment services of any sort. To get the most out of your treatment process or the drug therapy and counseling provided in said facility, it is imperative for the mind and body to be clean. All the toxins and chemicals circulating throughout will only distract from the solution.

Having somebody there to help get through the detoxification process is the only way recovery numbers have jumped so high in the 21st century. Hordes of people walking the walk and talking the talk. Of course we must crawl before we can walk, but in order to crawl we must have guidance to show us how to get through the initial stages of discomfort. Discomfort can always the precursor to growth.    

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