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Is Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania Available to People of All Ages?

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Admitting to addiction and facing it head-on is never easy, even for individuals who have strong wills and the commitment to bettering themselves. Addiction is extraordinarily powerful, as it has the power to cause irreversible damage to families and lives each and every day. However, with the right addiction treatment and local resources, it is possible to get back up on your feet, even with the most serious and life-threatening addictions.

When you are seeking addiction treatment in Pennsylvania, you may be curious about the ages that are welcome at each treatment center, program, or facility. While most addiction treatment facilities are designed with adults in mind, there are treatment centers and programs available for just about all ages throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Types of Addiction Treatment Services in Pennsylvania for All Ages

Not all addiction treatment services welcome individuals of all ages who are seeking care and assistance. Many addiction treatment service programs may be age-restricted or designed with a specific age range in mind. Before choosing an inpatient or outpatient program that is right for you or a loved one, it is important to learn more about age groups that are welcome and whether or not there are alternative resources available if you or your loved one does not fit within the currently accepted age bracket.

Some addiction treatment services that may be welcoming to all ages or may have programs designed for various age groups include:

  • Individual Addiction Counseling Sessions: Addiction counseling sessions are available for both adolescents and adults. An addiction counselor is able to focus on triggers and potential trauma incidents that may have led to a serious drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Family Therapy: Group and family therapy sessions are extremely beneficial for teenagers and adolescents who are struggling with an addiction of their own. Meeting with other members of the family and discussing the impact addiction has had on a family is essential to help with the healing and recovery process.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs: Inpatient rehab treatment centers and programs may be offered to individuals of all ages, including adolescents. Because adolescents are not of legal age, there may be specific inpatient facilities that are designed just for teenagers who are currently not adults according to the law.

Finding the Right Treatment for Addiction

Depending on your age or the age of your loved one, choosing an addiction treatment service or center can feel complicated, stressful, and overwhelming. Before choosing a short or long-term approach to help treat addiction, it is important to know that there are different types of addiction treatments throughout Pennsylvania. The most common forms of addiction treatment and rehab programs in Pennsylvania include inpatient rehab centers, intensive outpatient programs, and traditional outpatient programs such as group therapy sessions and sponsor meetings.

How an Inpatient Treatment Center May Work for All Ages

Choosing an inpatient treatment center for addiction is highly advisable, regardless of your age or the age of your loved one who is in need of help. An inpatient treatment center is optimal for individuals of all ages, especially adolescents or those just getting into young adulthood. Some of the benefits that inpatient treatment centers provide that outpatient programs do not offer to those in need of care include:

  • Strict Rules: Teens and adolescents often require strict rules and structure in order to overcome their addictions. Structure and routine are the cornerstones of inpatient rehab facilities, helping individuals to rebuild their lives from the ground up.
  • Zero-Tolerance Policies: Zero-tolerance policies are put into effect with inpatient rehab centers, especially those that house teenagers. Adolescents are prohibited from owning, obtaining, or consuming tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs and medications while completing their inpatient rehab program.
  • Guidance: Adolescents are able to receive guidance not only from medical professionals, but also from addiction specialists, counselors, therapists, and medical aids. Teenagers are able to take guidance and advice away from each day they spend completing an inpatient rehab program for the betterment of their future.
  • Medical Help: Medical assistance, detoxing, and consultations are also provided to individuals in need, regardless of their age.

Are you searching for addiction treatment for a specific age range but you are unsure of where to begin or where to turn? We can help. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day for those in need of assistance. Call us at 888-380-0342 to discover more information regarding the addiction treatment programs we currently have throughout Pennsylvania today.

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