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Is It a Good Idea to Get Couples Treatment on the Same Rehab Campus?

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Being in a relationship often means sharing certain things with your partner. When things are going right, you may help each other out with the household chores or with paying the bills. You may also share the emotional burden of trying to deal with life’s stresses. While these are positive things to share, there is also a potential downside to relationships. When one partner uses drugs or alcohol, it is common for the other to do so as well. In fact, your relationship may have even started out based upon your mutual interest in doing drugs. Or it may have turned into a relationship that revolves around your addictions.

Fortunately, you’ve both decided to get clean at the same time, and this is not something that always happens for every couple. Choosing to end your addiction together allows you to stop the negative patterns of behavior that affect your relationship. It also gives you a starting point for saving the parts of your relationship that you love. Now, that you’ve made one of the biggest decisions of your life together, you still have one more to make. The question of whether you should attend rehab together is a personal one that does not have an easy answer, but you can use this guide to get started on knowing what is right for you.

What Are Your Plans for the Relationship?

For some couples, the pull of addiction is just too damaging to the relationship. In some cases, one part of the couple may prefer to continue on their dangerous path while the other wants to get sober. You may also choose to end your relationship if you want some time to focus on yourself or if you have other issues with your partner that go far beyond just doing drugs together. For instance, domestic violence often just causes for you to separate during your quest to get sober. If your future plans might not include your partner, then you may need to attend rehab separately while you work out your individual issues and decide what you need to be happy.

Couples that plan to stay together often benefit from going to the same rehab campus. You may also choose this option if you have children or run a business together since it helps to foster communication. Working with your partner on your mutual sobriety helps you to learn strategies that enhance your relationship as a couple.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment Together

Going to the same rehab offers benefits that you might not achieve if you go to separate programs. One of the biggest benefits is understanding what each of you went through to get sober. For instance, you can expect that your therapist will use similar strategies for you and your partner, and you can also enjoy the opportunity to enjoy group and family therapy sessions together that help you to get past issues that addiction created in your relationships.

You will also find that going to rehab together offers benefits that go beyond simply being able to see each other more often, and these include the following.

•the ability to improve how you communicate with each other

•opportunities to cultivate new shared interests such as yoga or swimming

•chances to make getting sober a bonding experience

•improved chances for preventing a relapse

What to Expect as a Couple Going to Rehab

While you may attend rehab as a couple, you need to know that you may not be able to share the same living quarters. In most residential treatment facilities, men and women have separate living areas that you will go to when it is time to sleep, bathe and get dressed. However, most campuses allow people of the opposite sex to mix during normal group activities such as recreational times and therapy sessions. This means that you will see your partner often, but you will also get some much-needed time to yourself that allows you both to reflect upon what you learn in your sessions.

Rehab programs that accept couples also focus on helping them to mend their relationship. You will likely be given the opportunity to attend individual counseling sessions, but you may also be given the chance to engage in couples counseling together. This allows you to get the best of both worlds since you can work on your personal issues while also learning how to manage the challenges that you face in your relationship as a couple.

Our rehab center welcomes men, women, and couples to our program. Our counselors are always ready to help you decide if seeking treatment with your partner is your best option. Give us a call at 888-380-0342 to plan your stay today!

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