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Is Pennsylvania Alcohol Rehabilitation an Option Even If You Work Out-of-State?

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If you live in Pennsylvania and work out of the state, it may seem as though addiction treatment poses a bigger problem. In truth, you don’t have to live in the state in which you live to seek treatment, so you can decide for yourself where to commit to your recovery. The hardest part may be arranging for the time off to participate in a Pennsylvania inpatient recovery problem, but this would be a concern even if you worked within the state.

Another concern may be applying for financial aid to help pay the costs of treatment. Even though you live out of state, your insurance should still cover your addiction treatment. You will have to speak with an insurance representative to verify your coverage for rehab and how your out of state employment status will affect coverage. It’s a mistake to assume that your insurance will only cover in-state treatment because many insurance providers now offer out of state options. If you have insurance through your employer, you may even have better coverage in the state in which you’re employed.

Choosing Your Treatment Facility

When you work out of state, you likely spend more time out of state than you spend at home in Pennsylvania. While that may lead you to assume participating in a recovery plan in the state in which you are employed makes more sense, it can be more beneficial to participate in treatment at a Pennsylvania facility. This provides you with an opportunity to participate in treatment far from your co-workers and managers, allowing you to focus more fully on recovery.

For someone who works out of state, attending a treatment program in Pennsylvania offers some advantages. Since you will be close to home, it will be easier for your loved ones to visit you. While most inpatient treatment programs restrict visitation in the beginning, they do allow family members to visit once you’ve started to show progress. In fact, your significant other, children, or parents may be asked to participate in family therapy sessions. This will help you work on relationships that may have been damaged by your substance abuse.

The Benefits of Pennsylvania Addiction Treatment

When you look for a rehab facility close to your Pennsylvania home, you’ll feel more comfortable about your recovery. You’ll be distanced from your job in both a literal and figurative sense, so you can forget about the pressures that may have prompted your substance abuse. Since you’ll be closer to home, you can take your time in looking for the best treatment facility for your situation.

While every drug addiction treatment facility will protect your privacy, you may feel more secure in attending a program far from work. You can feel assured that the chances of being recognized in the treatment center by co-workers or career associates will be minimized. Even though anyone in treatment will have their own privacy concerns, being far from your work life can provide an added sense of security. This will allow you to choose what is shared with your employer and colleagues on your own terms after you have successfully completed a treatment program.

Paying for Treatment at a Pennsylvania Rehab Facility

The largest concern you may face in opting for a Pennsylvania treatment facility is finding a way to pay for your recovery. As previously mentioned, your first move should be to consult your insurance company. Whether you maintain private insurance, or you have Medicaid or Medicare, a portion of your treatment costs may be covered. Some policies may even cover the majority of the cost, enabling you to begin treatment immediately.

If you have discussed your options with your insurance provider and still need assistance to pay for treatment, there are many more options available to you. For instance, you should contact the rehab center of your choice and discuss payment with them. They may have installment programs or alternative sources of financing to help you cover the costs. Additionally, the federal government and many states offer assistance through grants that are specifically awarded to pay for addiction treatment. You may also be able to take out a small, low-interest personal loan to help you cover the cost of treatment.

If you are considering addiction treatment, you can discuss your options with one of our friendly counselors. By calling 888-380-0342, you’ll be able to learn more about participating in a treatment program and paying for the costs of recovery. We’re here to help you begin a treatment plan that will help you start living a sober and healthy life.

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