Krokodil: Flesh-eating ‘zombie’ drug may be in U.S.

Krokodil: Flesh-eating ‘zombie’ drug may be in U.S.

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Krokodil Flesh-eating ‘zombie’ drug may be in U.S.

Yes. There is a real “zombie drug” and it necrotizes human flesh, slowing killing its victims from the inside out. It’s called Krokodil (Crocodile). It’s charming moniker was so-named due to the green and black scaly skin that appears as an extremely dangerous side effect. The technical name is desomorphine, and krokodil actually was invented in the United States in 1932. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t very popular.

Its use began in the Soviet Union and Ukraine as a highly addictive and cheap alternative to heroin. It’s a potent opioid, made haphazardly, full of contaminants and cooked more like methamphetamine. In 2012, a study revealed that as many as 100,000 Russians and 20,000 Ukrainians had injected the drug in the previous year. There were rumors circulating a few years ago that krokodil was beginning to catch on in the United States, but thankfully, there hasn’t been much evidence to confirm those rumors.

Krokodil is produced using codeine and a lot of the same chemicals you will see in a batch of meth – iodine, kitchen/bathroom cleaners, gasoline, red phosphorus, and hydrochloric acid. And like meth labs, krokodil labs are highly flammable.

How the Zombie Drug Destroys Tissue

If you ever fantasized about becoming a zombie, quite frankly, this is a good way to do it. Mainlining desomorphine wreaks havoc on veins and soft tissues around injection sites. This damage is soon followed by gangrene and necrosis (dying flesh). Worse yet, the drug does not completely dissolve in the blood, literally leaving clumps in the veins. These clumps travel around the body and work quickly to damage and destroy more tissue.

How Krokodil Creates Zombies

Usually by the time help is sought, the disease is entering its later stages. There is usually rotting body parts, such as gums, teeth, and ears, sores and ulcers, infections, kidney problems, speech and mental impairment such as memory loss, and more. This combination of rotting flesh and brain damage, in many ways, does seem to replicate a zombie-like appearance and functioning.

Withdrawal symptoms can be quite intense. While heroin highs can last hours, the krokodil high is quite short, only 90 minutes or so. This keeps users coming back for more, and more frequently that heroin. Not surprisingly, zombie drug users face a very high mortality rate.

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